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Acquisitions Manager

Hi, Thanks for stopping by, I’m a real estate investor looking for an Acquisition Manager who wants to learn about real estate investing while working with an active investor.

In 2015, I purchase over 70 properties, in 2016 I’m taking that to 700 properties.  I’m looking a candidate who is willing to hustle, how is hungry and would love to invest in real estate with my month!  All while earning good money with flexible hours and enormous opportunities to learn.

Here’s an overview of the work that you will be doing:

  • Research counties that we should be working in – Are you able to look at websites and perform research?
  • Make offers to buy properties – Are you good with Excel?
  • Talk to the sellers when they accept our offer and get the property wrapped up!
  • Get the properties sold – This is where you make your money!
  • Rinse and Repeat!

This is a demanding position, but you will learn a life skill while earning!  The best part of this is that you can be located anywhere!

Are you aggressive, comfortable outside your comfort zone? Then lets see, I’m going to push you outside your comfort zone from the start. If you are interested in the position, then see question 7 below and tell me why I should meet with you!

Answers –

  1. How to do you pay? – It’s commission, based on what you kill.  Hit the numbers and you’re looking at great money
  2. Is this a Full-Time position?  No, you can do it full time, but, you probably need to have a back-up income.
  3. Can I hit 6 figures?  Yes – If you hustle full-time.
  4. Who is the ideal candidate?  A Closer, someone who is ready for a good income, someone who has minimal expenses, remember everyone starves in Real Estate their first year.
  5. Do I need to be a realtor?  No
  6. I’m in college, can I work with you?  Sure
  7. How do I get in? Send me a 30 second – 60 second video explaining why you are the one!  Send your video to [email protected]  I’m not looking for your story, break through the noise and let’s make some money!