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: 210-350-7512
: Lake, Oregon
: $ 95.00

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Gaze in the Warner Mountains, Hart Lake, Hart mountain national antelope, Drake peak, soak in all the area’s remote natural beauty from this location. Fish the high-desert lakes, see wildlife at the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge and go rockhounding at the Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area. Welcome to the Oregon that many visitors don’t know exists — a place where the state’s archetypal lush forests and rushing rivers give way to sagebrush-dusted plains, alkali flats and rocky outcrops. An antidote to a busy world, it’s just the place to slow your pace. Gaze out at pronghorn (sometimes mistaken for antelope) grazing on golden grasslands, or the play of light on ancient rock. Such wide-open spaces and ample solitude may indeed be reminiscent of the Australian Outback. But as longtime ranchers and other ruggedly independent locals will tell you, this broad, beautiful landscape is 100 percent authentic Oregon.

The Facts!

Property Address: Lake County, Oregon (~500 ft north from McDowell Creek Rd)

Parcel ID: 36S23E310001400

Size: 10 Acres

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

Taxes: Approximately $30 per year

GPS Coordinates:
NW corner: 42.406, -120.055
NE corner: 42.406, -120.053
SE corner: 42.405, -120.053
SW corner: 42.405, -120.055

Zoning: A-2

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