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: 615-987-0766
: Elko, Nevada
: $ 3,995.00

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PURCHASE W/ INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS: $100 down $119/mo x 48/mo

Come discover Cowboy Country, in a state famous for its beautiful and scenic desert landscapes—Nevada! You’ll want to be prepared for adventure with so many recreational activities and thousands of acres of BLM land to explore. You can enjoy activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, four wheeling, lake and stream fishing and a lot more. While you’re here take in the panoramic mountain views and of the saffron skies in the evening as the sun sets. Something that will be forever etched into your mindseye. This is the perfect place to build the ranch of your dreams.

When you discover Elko County, Nevada, you will quickly see why this truly is the “Great American West.” A land of intrigue, capable of stretching the limits of your adventure, exceeding convention to its fullest. The raw majesty of Elko County’s Ruby Mountains, East Humboldt Range and the rugged canyon streams will allow you discover the unspoiled drama of the West.

Elko County is home to some real gems that you can’t find anywhere else in country. Ruby Mountain Brewery is a full-scale ranching operation, that operates a brewery in an outbuilding near the owner’s homestead in Clover Valley. This might be a brewery that will make you work hard for a visit, but will certainly be a Silver State experience you won’t soon forget. If beer isn’t your thing, maybe high quality leather goods will grab your attention. J.M. Capriola Company is a world-famous saddle making company, located in the heart of downtown Elko. They have been working to outfit cowboys and Hollywood stars for nearly a century.

The state of Nevada is also home to attractions such as the Great Basin National Park, Cathedral Gorge State Park and the Hoover Dam. Pretty Awesome!

This beautiful 10 acre property is located in Elko County, Montello, Nevada. The property is just north of town by about 5 miles. Montello has your basic needs covered with Montello Grocery & Gas, Montello Elementary School, the post office and a couple of bars and restaurants (Cowboy Bar and Cafe or Saddle Sore Bar).

If you hunt, pronghorn antelope can be found here. Did you know, the pronghorn are the fastest running hoofed animal in north America? They thrive in the open plains, fields, grasslands, deserts and basins of Elko County. Between the summer and winter, the pronghorns migrate between feeding grounds to survive the harsh winters.

SUBDIVISION Gamble District
STREET ADDRESS N/A, Montello, NV 89830
CITY Montello
COUNTY Elko County
ZIP 89830
SIZE 10.0 acres
LOT DIMENSIONS 660 feet x 660 feet
APN 010-59e-053
LEGAL DESCRIPTION Township 40 North, Range 69 East, M.D.B. and M. Section 33: SE ¼ NW ¼ SE ¼
LAT/LONG COORDINATES NW: 41.3054, -114.1655
NE: 41.3054, -114.1631
SW: 41.3036, -114.1655
SE: 41.3036, -114.1631
ELEVATION Approx. 4,900 feet
ANNUAL TAXES Approx. $13.30
ZONING Open Space
HOA/POA Not within an HOA/POA.
ACCESS Physical access via dirt Roads. approx 2 miles off paved HWY 233. This property doesn't have legal access on record with the county, as is the situation with almost of the parcels in the Gamble Ranch District. Easements could be proposed to other owners in the area to gain legal access from nearest road (Wilkens/Montello Road - approx. 1 mile to the west).
SEWER Would need to install septic. Please contact the Department of Health Services for the approval of septic system or other treatment process.
WATER Would need to install holding tanks or well. Need to secure permits first from NV Division of Water Resources if which water is safe for domestic use. Local well drillers may be contacted for cost.
UTILITIES No power close, solar, wind and generators can be an alternative. Phone by cellular, Satellite TV/Internet/Phone.
N/A, Montello, NV 89830
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