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: 8163727883
: Costilla, Colorado
: $ 3,550.00

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Discount Landmodo Investor Pricing: $3,550
Finance Price: $7,500 | $200 down payment + $100 a month for 75 months

$10,000 (The price you can sell this land for today.)

This beautiful property sits in the Sangre de Cristo Range, called the East Range locally, and is part of the Rocky Mountains, running north and south along the east side of the Rio Grande Rift. Much of the mountains are within various National Forests: the Rio Grande and San Isabel in Colorado, and the Carson and Santa Fe in New Mexico. These publicly accessible areas are popular for hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, climbing, and cross-country and downhill skiing.

This land is surrounded by charming towns with plenty of culture, art, supplies, restaurants and fun things to do. San Luis Valley Ranches is 11 miles from Fort Garland and 36 miles from Alamosa. One of our favorite restaurants to go is called Locavores, it’s in Alamosa and owned by a couple, the Segers, who were potato farmers in the San Luis Valley for over 20 years. They had a dream to open a fresh and healthy restaurant with produce from local farms. Actually, The San Luis Valley is one of Colorado’s last large agricultural areas. It is one of the nation’s largest potato producing areas, and also produces a lot of barley and hay. If you drink beer brewed in Colorado (think Coors & Bud), chances are, the barley it was brewed from was grown in the San Luis Valley.

Closest Town: Fort Garland [11 miles - 15 minutes]
Outdoor Adventures: Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking, Climbing, Golfing, Hunting, Fishing, River Rafting, ATV Riding, Camping, National Parks, and Scenic Road Trips.
Investment Opportunity: Costilla County is very active in statewide and national economic development. They are constantly seeking out and creating opportunities to organically grow their economy while still preserving the culture, local businesses, and trusted industries that the community was built upon. Development focus is placed on expanding existing economic strengths, for example, the potato industry, by growing complementary businesses, like potato chip companies or even packaging companies. A great example of working smarter, not harder. Colorado as a state is committed to the growth and development of its counties with Costilla County leading the way, showing the rewards that attention and investment can produce. As a response to the consistent growth in jobs and industries, people are buying up homes and property faster than you could imagine. The time to invest was yesterday! But now works too. The word is out about the land and community of Costilla County. It is unbelievably beautiful, abundantly profitable and only growing in value. You will definitely want to take advantage of this investment opportunity.


Parcel Number: 70379211
Property County: Costilla, CO
Property Description: SLVR UNIT 22 BLOCK 27 LOT 13
Acreage: 5
GPS 37.3649082563582,-105.70110631749503
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