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: 347-788-1655
: Pershing, Nevada
: $ 13,999.00

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This is a rural and remote area and well of the beaten path with few people and plenty of wild antelope as neighbors. This is the type of property where you have complete freedom to do as you please without worrying about noisy neighbors. The property is zoned for a home, manufactured home, or an RV for short term use. Just imagine yourself sitting in the sun with 40 open acres surrounded by BLM land around you. It would be a great spot for someone seeking an off grid setting while you hunt and explore what the local natives considered to be sacred mountains.

Lovelock, Nevada will always be there by your side to get all kinds of essentials. Maybe you're a hunter, your hands must be itching when you are getting dreamed of this place. In the Fall, a handful of opportunities will be in your backyard. Deer, Rabbits, Doves will be all around you! A swarm of white crappie, walleye, rainbow trout will be there in the Rye Patch Reservoir waiting for your fishhook
This beautiful vacant land is ready for your dreams.

State: Nevada
County: Pershing
Lot size: 40 Acres
Zoning: Agricultural Residential
Access: dirt road
Elevation: 4,162 ft
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Paid and current

$225 down, $249 doc fee, $225 for 84 months.

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