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: (574) 400-5917
: Elko, Nevada
: $ 6,250.00

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Are you tired of having the town gripe at you about water this and sewer that? How about the extra cost and tax just because you live in some artificial boundary? It just doesn't make sense and it seems like it just sucks the money from you into the pocket of a municipality that doesn't seem to care if you exist or not. Don't just exist, THRIVE! Get your own land and live your dream where no-one is going to bill and regulate you to death. If you want to live off grid here you go, this property is for you. We are talking about 4 football fields worth of room. If you want to set up solar power you have the room. Grow your own food, you have the room, even raise an animal or two.

This properties is actually 2 lots combined and discounted as a pair. Twin River Ranchos 2 is one of the out lying divisions of land before you have the checker board of huge BLM public land sections all the way up to The Buttes South and Sherman Peak directly to the West.

Property Details:

Property Address: Twin River Ranchos 2, Lot 5 Block 46
Parcel ID: 017-046-005
Size: 2.06 Acres
Terrain: Sloped
Access: Dirt legal on 2 sides
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $17 per year

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 40.9937,-115.6358
Northeast Corner: 40.9937,-115.6348
Southwest Corner: 40.9929,-115.6359
Southeast Corner: 40.9929,-115.6348

Property Details:

Property Address: 17TH ST
Parcel ID: 017-046-006
Size: 2.27 Acres
Terrain: Varied
Zoning: AR Ag/Residential
Access: Dirt Road legal access
Water: Would be by Well
Sewer: Would be by septic
Power: Would be solar, generator
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $17 per year

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 40.9937,-115.6348
Northeast Corner: 40.9937,-115.6336
Southwest Corner: 40.9929,-115.6348
Southeast Corner: 40.9929,-115.6336

The property is only 3 miles from Highway 80 exit 310 making it easy to get to Elko when you need to. Elko is nestled in the middle of cowboy country between Reno, NV and Salt Lake City, UT It's big enough to have all the amenities you would seek from a bigger town without all of the "city". You can find shopping ranging from box stores to small shops, entertainment, casinos and golf as well as a host of other convinces including a regional airport.

When you buy property from Bear Land Properties, you are buying your land from a family owned business. We own the property and you are buying straight from us with no middle man. You can rest assured that you are buying quality land because we sell using a Warranty deed (the best kind of deed) and we offer a 90 Day money back guarantee to give you extra time to see your property and do your due diligence.  

17th St
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