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Owner Financed Land – How the process works

Are you looking for Owner Financed Land? is the place to search for owner financed land for sale.  Owning financing is available on the majority of the properties listed for sale here.

Our selling partners are land investors and because they own the land outright, they are able to sell the land with these owner financed terms.

Since there are no banks involved when you purchase lots directly from the seller, you really don’t need to worry about credit checks or employment verifications with owner financed land.

While we have a great selection of land that can be owner financed, not every property on the platform is available for financing.

Here are a number of questions that you might have about this process.

How does owner financed land work?

It’s really quite simple. Here a short guide to help you:

  • The seller determines the down payment and the monthly payment amounts.
  • You make the down payment.
  • The seller will create the required documents and you will sign them electronically.
  • Once signed, you can start enjoying your land.

It really is that simple.  One a recent Facebook Live video, I spoke with a land seller about how simple the process really is.  Click here to watch the video (the conversation I’m referencing starts around the 1 minute, 50 seconds mark).

Can you build on my owner financed land?

Great question, that is really up to your seller.  Since the seller still owns the land until you pay it off, it’s really up to them.  Most will not have an issue if you want to build or access the land.

Most land sellers will allow you to access the property and use it while you are making monthly payments.

However since the seller is functioning as the bank in this transaction, it really is up to them.  Each seller will have their own view of the risk.

If you have questions you are encouraged to speak to your seller directly about how they handle this aspect of the agreement.

What Documents are used in this type of Transaction?

Typically the seller will prepare 3 types of documents, a Land Sale Contract, a Promissory Note and a Purchase Sale Agreement.

The Purchase Sale Agreement obligates the seller to sell and the buyer to buy.  The Promissory note says that the buyer will pay the seller for the land, it’s a promise to pay.  The Land Sale Contract is the document that secures the transaction and ensures that the buyer will receive clean title at the completion of the payments.

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