Talk about completely off the grid property; this land is remote, rural, no neighbors and no hassle. This sprawling parcel of rural land in the pristine Lovelock Valley holds infinite possibilities with fresh dirt and clean, open air. The 40.75-acre unit has never been touched by development and feature incredible views of the Mountains nearby. The natural habitat thrives in this hunter’s paradise and there are plenty of interesting targets to chase. Enjoy peace, serenity, and space in the great outdoors while discovering the power of self-reliance and personal strength; the population in Lovelock Valley is approximately one person per square mile. You’ll be as free and alive as the wild horses and free roaming cattle that live on the land. Of course, it’s also close to the city of Lovelock, Nevada where you will have access to well-kept recreational facilities and the key amenities of small city life. Capture the imagination of the Wild West with a simpler way of living in a modern era. Discover the power and potential of pulling life out of the land, raising livestock on the grass, and creating your legacy in the fresh dirt.

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Property Details:

  • Size: Approximately 40.75 Acres
  • Terrain: Rolling Hills with Mountain and prairie views.
  • Access: Property is off a dirt road
  • Zoning: Agricultural, Mining and Recreational
  • Sewer: Would be by Septic
  • Water: Would be by Well
  • Utilities: Power would be by solar or generator
  • Conveyance: Grant, Bargain & Sale Deed (a Nevada Warranty Deed)
  • Time to Build: None
  • HOA Fees: None
  • Taxes: Approximately $80 per year

Other Properties in this area are selling for $1,000 – $1,500 per acre


  • $500 down
  • $145 per month for 80 months plus $15 per month, including Estimated Taxes and Monthly Note Service Fee
  • Owner Financing fee is $40 Note Setup Fee
  • Zero Percent Interest
  • No credit checks
  • Pay off the loan in 24 months and get the same price as cash!
  • or Cash price of $9,995

GPS Coordinates

  • NW Corner  – 40º38’25.551″, -118º38’21.403″
  • SW Corner – 40º28’1.262″, -118º38’25.494″
  • NE Corner – 40º38’21.083″, -118º38’14.622″
  • SE Corner – 40º37’56.988, -118º38″14.668″