Property Details:

Parcel ID: 71502440
Size: 4.76 Acres
Terrain: Level
Access: Dirt Road Access
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $50 per year


Cash Price: $3,600.00
Owner Financing: $500.00 Down, $ 100.00 per month for 36 months.

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 37° 4’57.17″N,105°40’25.59″W
Northeast Corner: 37° 4’57.24″N,105°40’21.85″W
Southwest Corner: 37° 4’50.43″N,105°40’25.53″W
Southeast Corner: 37° 4’50.55″N,105°40’21.72″W

More Information

All roads are county and state maintained which provide you permanent, legal access to your property. All of the lots have been surveyed, staked and marked for identification. This was done many years ago. Some of the corner markers may be difficult to locate without a metal detector. To establish a physical address and questions regarding zoning and planning call Costilla County 719-672-9109.

You will have several options for water all of which are at your sole expense. They include drilling a new water well or having water delivered to a water tank you have installed. It is estimated the depth of the water well will be between 100-200 feet.

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