Just off the beaten path, you can get to this property via dirt roads.  The property is loaded with Juniper Trees and creates the perfect remote living situation.  Mobile and/or modular homes and RV’s are allowed.  There are a few neighbors in the area, but they are not extremely close by, therefore, you will have the best of both worlds.  The property is zoned A-G, so livestock and other agricultural uses are permitted.

Property Details:

Parcel ID: R0042121
Address: Sanders, AZ 85936
Size: 4.66 Acres
Terrain: Level
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Access:  Dirt Road and Platted Roads
Power: Would be by Solar, Wind or Generator
Water: Would be by Well or holding tank.
Sewer: Would be by Septic
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $20 per year


Cash Price: $2,995.00 plus $249 document prep fee
Owner Financing: $100.00 Down plus $249 Document prep fee, $ 100.00 per month for 36 months.

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 34°56’43.71″N,109°24’1.96″W
Northeast Corner: 34°56’43.76″N,109°23’58.13″W
Southwest Corner: 34°56’37.40″N,109°24’2.23″W
Southeast Corner: 34°56’37.46″N,109°23’58.33″W

Property Code: 78121

Zoning Information

A.General uses:

1. Soil crops;
2. General agriculture: breeding, raising, training, and feeding of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and poultry provided that new pens, buildings, and corrals are not closer than fifty (50)feet from any adjacent residential property line on and after the effective date of this Ordinance;
3. Commercial uses, provided they are so located as to have direct access to a principal public thoroughfare: retail stores for food, drugs, clothing, hardware, and personal or household goods and notions; restaurants, not including drive-through facilities but including cocktail lounges that are part of the premises; personal service establishments; financial and lending institutions; offices (professional, business, real estate); automobile service stations providing incidental repair services only; and day care facilities;
4. Horses, cattle, goat dairies, poultry and egg farms, fur farms, and public stables provided that pens and buildings are located not less than one hundred (100) feet from a residence or residential district;
5. Forestry uses and nurseries;
6. Guest ranches on parcels having an area not less than ten (10)acres with only one principal dwelling unit or service area providing kitchen facilities;
7. One single -family dwelling or one modular or mobile home per parcel. For the purpose of this Article, a parcel shall not be less than one acre when the dwelling is connected to a septic system and not less than net 10,000 square feet when connected to a public sewer.

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