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Imagine, owning land just minutes from one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

You’re looking at certainly one of the pieces of land which has the worth unlike no other. As soon as you walk onto the land it is possible to really feel the worth radiating up through your feet as you look across the lovely and immaculate countryside. The peace and quiet, that feeling which you own property which is rising in value and the refreshing wind in your face is everything you’ll experience when you deal with us.

We select our properties carefully, looking at rural property as for appreciation along with an investment in lifestyle. This property is exceptional. This property is for people who desire a way of getting back to nature. Living on the property which is pristine and untouched by development. The property which is restricted only by your imagination. Tap into your internal explorer. This property is the heritage. Something for your kids to one day walk on. Let them experience a more simple time before notebook computers and our iPhones.

This has a tremendous possibility of future growth and progression and is among the very amazing and breathtaking regions of Arizona.

Flagstaff is the biggest city situated in the southwestern USA, in Northern Arizona.  Flagstaff has a somewhat dry continental climate with four distinct seasons. The mix of low humidity and high altitude supply balmy weather conditions throughout most of the entire year, as well as day warming, is radiated by the mostly clear atmosphere efficiently. Overnight temperatures year-round are often reduced compared to daytime temperature on account of the high altitude. Winters are extremely cold with plenty of snow. Highs usually are in the 20s, 30s, and the 40s. Winter nights could be quite chilly, with temperatures regularly going far below zero. Despite being fewer than 150 miles (240 kilometers) from Phoenix, the mean yearly temperature is 28.8 degF (16.0 degC) cooler, due mainly to its higher level.

Flagstaff has a reputation as a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as the area’s diverse topography, high altitude, and weather that was amenable bring backpackers, campers, climbers, diversion and elite runners, and mountain bikers from through the southwestern Usa. Wheeler Park, located next to city hall, is the place of other occasions along with summer concerts. The trail system goes through the city and is popular for both transport and recreation.

The region is a recreational hub for mountain biking clubs and road cycling, triathlon events that are organized, and yearly cross country ski races. Several big river running operators are headquartered in Flagstaff, as well as the city functions as a foundation for Colorado River excursions and Grand Canyon.

Flagstaff’s closeness to Grand Canyon National Park, about 75 miles (121 kilometers) north of town, has made it a favorite tourist destination because the mid-19th century.

This property is located near Valle, AZ.