You are looking at a great piece of Hog Valley land for sale.  Not many people have heard of Hog Valley.  Heck, I grew up in Florida and spent a lot of time with my Grandfather crossing the state and while I know of the fun activities in the Ocala National Forest, Hog Valley was a pleasant surprise.

Hog Valley is a small community located in the Ocala National Forest.  Hog Valley is located near the Ocklawaha River, which is a popular place to bass fish, kayak and canoe.  There are portions of this 78 mile river that remain mostly undisturbed by man. The natural landscapes and lush wildlife and growth of the outlying area make for a beautiful area.  Wildlife is abundant, including wild turkey, white-tailed deer and birds from every species.    The area also is part of an elaborate atv community with an extensive network of trails and other activities are also popular including hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding.

This property is a .28 property.  Most of the other Hog Valley lots for sale are .18 acres, so having a larger lot allows not only more land, but also extra room for an additional septic tank if ever needed in the future.

Comp Sales – Here are the comp sales for the area!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.03.03 PM

10051-022-0104/30/15 0:00$5,0000.18
20051-102-02611/6/15 0:00$3,9000.18
30051-104-0145/27/15 0:00$10,0000.54
40051-117-0118/20/15 0:00$5,4000.55
50051-117-0149/21/15 0:00$5,5000.18
60052-001-0018/26/15 0:00$25,0000.2
70052-001-0028/26/15 0:00$25,0000.39
80052-001-0038/26/15 0:00$25,0000.2
90052-001-0308/26/15 0:00$25,0000.19
100052-003-01010/7/15 0:00$7,2001.16
110052-009-0047/22/15 0:00$3,9000.18
120052-009-0057/1/15 0:00$3,9000.18
130052-009-0136/4/15 0:00$3,5001.42
140052-011-0195/5/15 0:00$5,8000.55
150052-018-0255/12/15 0:00$9,0000.19

Property Details:

Property Address: NE 236th Lane, Hog Valley, Florida 32134, USA
Parcel ID: 0051-023-028
Size: 0.28 Acres
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Terrain: Level
Access: Dirt Road
Power: In the Area
Water: Would be by Well
Sewer: Would be by Septic
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $75 per year


Cash Price: $5,995.00 plus $249 document prep fee
Owner Financing: $1,000.00 Down plus $249 Document prep fee, $ 100.00 per month for 60 months.

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 29.49521, -81.90047
Northeast Corner: 29.49521, -81.90011
Southwest Corner: 29.49494, -81.90045
Southeast Corner: 29.49494, -81.9001

Property Code: 78107