So, how is Land and Farm different from Landmodo?  Here are the top differences between these two websites.

Speed of Transaction and Value

First, Land and Farm largely features broker listed properties.  This means that Land Brokers will list the really expensive, really large properties on the website.  Often times these properties will require you to pay cash or get a loan from the bank for the property.

Landmodo features properties primarily listed by land investors ideal for those who are land hunting. like you.  One of the great things about working with land investors is that they are the owners of the property.  They are not acting as a land broker on behalf of the owner.  When you work directly with the owner, you are able to get better deals on the land and better terms.

When you are looking at properties on their site, you will see land investor properties, however, you will find more brokers, this means you will be paying realtor commissions and higher prices.  It also means you will need to work with a bank to get your financing.

When you work with a Landmodo seller, you will likely be able to owner financed land and you will be able to start enjoying the land within minutes.

Yes, you read that correctly, these Landmodo sellers are fast and you will often be able to complete the transactions within an hour.  This is because you don’t have to play the back and forth between the broker and the owner.  You also don’t have to involve a bank.

Does L&F have more listings?

For now, yes.  however, we are growing our listings every day. Traffic to our site has doubled in the last 30 days and we expect the listings to grow as well.

What about Farms and Small Houses?

Another difference is that Landmodo doesn’t have a lot of working farms or small houses listed.  The issue is that most land investors don’t focus on farms or properties with small houses on them.  The land is typically vacant land or buildable lots.

Landmodo is a listing service

We connect real estate investors, who focus on land and connect them with buyers via the phone or email. Here you will find a growing list of properties.  These include vacant land for sale including farm land and ranch land.

Check out our land for sale by clicking here.