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Caleb Crosmun Reviews

Submitted by Kim Hanna on 09/16/2023

A true professional

Overall Rating

Caleb is a true professional and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with him.  He is informative, responsive, and knows his market.  Highly recommended.

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A vital player in my escape from New York.

Towards the end of my active career, I started looking for land to spend at least part of the rest of my life. First locally and then I decided to broaden my horizon. Enter Mr. Crosmun and 1.1 acres of property lakeside. Not only is it beautifully wooded property near a lake, but it also was at the correct price at the correct time. Customer service is top notch to the point of being a little unbelievable. Mister Crosmun will work with you in an abundance of ways available to purchase the land as well. During the process there was a tiny paperwork snag that he instantly addressed and cleaned up in no time whatsoever. By no time I actually mean approximately 25 minutes. Then the purchasing agreement was complete. When dealing with real estate a problem that only takes 25 minutes to solve, it is not a problem at all. Yes, this is a real review from a very satisfied customer.

Submitted by Tim Newman on 03/21/2024

Calab is great person to work with!

I have been very happy so far with all of my interactions with Caleb. He is so easy to talk with and I feel like I am in great hands. It's been a pleasure doing business! I will definitely be buying another piece of property from Tis Dirt. 

Submitted by Natalie Frinchaboy on 04/18/2023

He’s the real deal straight up person

Well to be honest anyone looking to buy land get a hold of Caleb Crosmun  you will not regret it very honest person and down to earth person. And you will not believe the prices on the land you have to see it for yourself, Or not I will take them all , Thank you Caleb.

Submitted by Master Stabilization Welding Llc on 02/16/2023

Great experience so far!

Caleb is great! He is very personable and so easy to work with. It feels more like a friendship than a business relationship. Once this land is paid off, I will be looking to buy another one from Mr. Crosmun.  I truly appreciate that I can call and ask a million questions and never feel like I am wasting his time. He is always present and in the moment.  Here's to 2023! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Submitted by Natalie Frinchaboy on 01/10/2023

Amazing experience

Caleb is the man . He was so friendly. It was a honor to work with him. Will be doing more business with him. 

Submitted by Half Price Auto Sales on 10/19/2022

Great 1st time buyer experience

This is our 1st purchase of owner financed land and we are hooked!  The process was super easy and terms amazing.  Thank you! 

Submitted by Jenn Rice on 10/06/2022


Very respectful first time buyer's of property he is extremely helpful and understanding and we will definitely be doing more business with him

Submitted by Jerrod And Staci Miller on 09/20/2022


I had the pleasure of working with Caleb on property in Arkansas. I wanted something reasonable in a specific location. Caleb took the time to listen to my story and my personal needs and wants. He answered all my questions. Caleb made me feel like I gained more than just a piece of dirt,  but also a freind. Thank you,Lauri

Submitted by Lauri Johnson on 09/08/2022


He is so great and a great person, I will most definitely tell friends and family to buy property from him , and when more properties come up for sale by the property I am purchasing I hope he has them so I can expand mine. He is an easy person to talk to and very straightforward.

Submitted by D. Rounds on 08/15/2022

He Really Schooled Me

I will never forget the valuable lessons I hav learned from my experience with Mr. Crosmun.* ALWAYS do a background check.  Search engines other than Google return different, often interesting, results.* ALWAYS triple-check that what's in writing matches what's what I expect, based on what I've been told.  "He told me _____ five times" is inadmissible in court.  If I cannot read the document due to my vision issues I need to have a friend or trusted person read it to me; not the salesman.* The response I will give to "oh, that's no longer for sale but I have these unlisted ones..." is "oh, cool... well, please send me a link when it's available!  I'd love to check it out!"* CAVEAT EMPTOR* "Trust, but VERIFY." - President Ronald RaeganWhile I am grteful that being schooled in these matters was so relatively inexpensive and while I appreciate his prompt refunding of the monies covered by the agreement I find myself unable to endorse or recommend engaging with Mr. Crosmun

Submitted by Dan Tripp on 08/07/2022

Land ownership made easy!

just bought my second property from Caleb (Tis Dirt LLC). What made me come back to Caleb to purchase again. Simply speaking, his honesty, caring , knowledge, patience and concern for his clients complete satisfaction. His commitment to his clients is outstanding and he makes the process of buying simple, straight forward and fun. I  plan to recommend him to my family, friends and anyone interested in the purchase of land. He continues to make improvements in technology to make the buying process easier, safer, less cumbersome and fun. 

Submitted by Julian D on 08/01/2022

Number 1 source for your land purchases

Caleb has the expertise, patience, honesty and ability to make the buying process so easy, confortable and straightforward . I purchased a property today and he walked me through and explained the process, making it such an easy transaction  Most importantly when we concluded everything I was completely satisfied and felt I made a trust wothy friend I could count on for advice and future tranactions. 

Submitted by Julian D on 07/25/2022

Great to work with!

I purchased 4 lots in Elko county from Caleb. The price was very reasonable and Caleb made the whole purchase process flow smoothly. He kept in touch every step of the way and everything was completed promptly. I would definitely buy from Caleb again.

Submitted by Darren Panahi on 07/19/2022

Very helpful

Step by step helpful 

Submitted by Mid on 07/15/2022

Mr. Crosmun is the BEST.

If you are looking for help finding a property there is no better man than Mr. Crosmun. He is a man of his word and most importantly a man of God. He will do whatever he can to assist you and make sure it is the best property for you and your future family. This man is a blessing and he will bless you with the right property that you and your family will be proud of.

Submitted by Ajamu Davis on 06/29/2022

Land purchase

I have  officially made a new friend...I hope that all my future business transactions would go as smoothly as they did! Caleb was very helpful ...and also concerned about you being happy with your purchase...

Submitted by Constantine on 06/07/2022

My experience

The overall experience has been a pleasure. Caleb went out of his way to answer questions and be available for concerns or questions. Great transaction

Submitted by Elephant Rock Fieldschool on 05/15/2022

A great land buying experience!

Caleb answered all my questions and was very professional! It made what is normally a nerve racking experience fun and easy! I would recommend him to anyone!

Submitted by Brad on 04/01/2022

Very Professional!

Buying land over the internet can be nerve wracking, but Caleb is a true professional. He answered every question, and I could tell he truly wanted me to have the right property for me. It is so refreshing to do business with people who aren't just concerned about the sale. I would recommend him to everyone!

Submitted by Nicole Dun on 03/30/2022

Elko County

My experience with Caleb was very professional and straight forward he took the time to make sure this was an opportunity I couldn't miss out on and made me feel like I was family and being from Hawaii family is everything.

Submitted by Mason Hulama-kakalia on 03/29/2022

Nice fella!

Professional dude and he provided all the facts, good communication, the whole 9 yards. Thanks Caleb! 

Submitted by Justin on 03/14/2022

Great service!

This was a very simplified purchase of land thanks to Caleb for helping me find the best deal. I got a fast response that was very informative and resourceful. I would highly recommend his great services if you are seeking land. Thanks again, appreciate all the expertise provided.

Submitted by Santino Faser on 03/13/2022