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Submitted by Lee Fitzgerald on 02/06/2024

It was awesome

Overall Rating

Karen and Chris answered all of my questions and did their best to help me find the perfect place. It was a fast and easy process with no loose ends.

Reply From Grounded Properties Land

Wow, thank you for the recommendation Lee! We love connecting people to the land they are looking for. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you on this purchase
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Quick, professional and to the point.

As stated in the title my experience was quick but also very informative. The representative I spoke to Karen Brill was kind and patient and very dedicated to providing quality and personalized service. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in investing in quality land with professional and prompt service. 

Submitted by Ethan Kaiser on 05/22/2024

Thank You So Much!

I have been looking at land for over a year now and have been super nervous to buy online. I felt very comfortable talking with Karen and felt she was honest and upfront. Needless to say I know own my own piece of land! Thank you for all your help and patience! I’m so beyond excited!!

Submitted by Jennifer Griffis on 02/10/2024

Great Service!

I needed a 2 month break from my payments to facilitate travel to the west in preparation to setting up my properties.Chris was EXTREMELY helpful in getting this taken care of and I will purchase more plots from Him in the future. great guy to work with!Larry ManchesterMulti property owner and soon to be retired from the rat race.

Submitted by Larry J Manchester on 01/04/2024

Need some land, don’t think twice…do it!

Chris and Karen are absolutely phenomenal!  The process is quick and worry free, and they provided as much information as they could, along with great photos of the property.  I definitely recommend using Grounded Properties for your next purchase!

Submitted by Marty on 11/08/2023

Grounded properties has given me the opportunity to own a piece of the mountain,

I was a little hesitant about purchasing land over the Internet after realizing it was God that brought this website to me, I put my trust in him like always. I made a telephone call to the number on the website left a message within a few minutes. I got a re-turn phone call from Chris. After speaking with Chris, he sent me some coordinates to a couple different property and I decided to go check them out. After working with Chris for 12 days I was able to find a piece of paradise. Chris is a very well educated man when it comes to real estate and property and a very generous man that gives everyone the opportunity to own a piece of property with his owner financing program. The process is very simple quick and easy. God bless you and your family and thank you Chris for giving me the opportunity to own a piece paradise. Jimmy 

Submitted by Jimmy on 07/29/2023

Property Review

Was super cheap and affordable. Great rates and prices for the deal of the property. 

Submitted by Christian M. Holtz on 07/22/2023

Solid pair that you can trust

Chris and Lauren are a solid couple who care about your needs and want to match you with the right property. Their commitment to their customers and undeniable work ethic make them a joy to work with. I trust them to have my best interest in mind. And with loads of properties to choose from I know there is something for everyone. 

Submitted by Katie Scharmer on 07/06/2023

Love the area we purchased!

This land is off grid and it's perfect for us. We live a nomadic lifestyle and want land to park when we're in town. We would like to place a model home on our property in the near future. This purchase was perfect for our needs. 

Submitted by Gerald & Betty on 06/28/2023

Best Land Deals!!!!

I never had Land in my entire life and this is opportunity for me to stick the middle finger up at Landlord’s and have the freedom to live the way I want to live, thanks to Chris!! This company gives me the freedom to do what I wanna do on my land without restrictions of an apartment and everyone should be land owners and be happy for once in your life. Thank you so much.

Submitted by Angie on 05/09/2023

Great experience

I would highly recommend Grounded Properties. It was a very easy process. 

Submitted by Jason G. on 04/26/2023

I was apprehensive…

Hello, Buy land online, Are you crazy? Those were the first thoughts to cross my mind. I was apprehensive and I could write about all the thoughts you may be having, but I presume you know what they are. I am very happy to say I was wrong. The process was professional and I was walked through the necessary steps. I did a great deal of research and am so happy I found Chris. The property is beautiful and the process was simple. I checked on the company and the land as I was concerned about an online purchase. There were no pushy tactics or otherwise. I actually wound up buying where Chris originally suggested he had a property. It was not where I was originally searching but after hours and hours of research it turns out that it was a beautiful area I had not even considered. I am extremely happy with Chris and his company. I am very happy that I found him. He is considerate, responsive and I highly recommend him. Debbie 

Submitted by Debbie on 03/25/2023


I'm so grateful for this company. The process was easy and only took a couple of days I'm very blessed to be paying on property. 

Submitted by Ephram Byerly on 03/17/2023


Thank you to Chris and Grounded Properties LLC for a seamless buying process.  I have been looking for a piece of land for some time and Chris has been very patient with me.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and start the new year off right.  I'm excited about the future and plan to purchase more land going forward.  

Submitted by Constance Fletcher on 02/04/2023

Don't past up!

I meant to put don't past this up. Look at the economy and think hard isn't it worth it? If you can put down payment on a car that parish and brakes down in value but land nah! Give Chris a call. Plus read everything in landmodo.com Hope you do it. Alright now blessed!

Submitted by David R on 12/09/2022

True Blessing! Do it!

I thank God first for you Chris and Grounded Property LLC. This is big thing that you are doing for people. You give people hope and straighter poster with having Land. Future for family and generations God Willing. Chris at Grounded Property LLC responded back to when reach out pretty fast. Very helpful and does communicate everything you need to know. Contract is solid. Man do past it up its the times to do this!From: David R.

Submitted by David R. on 12/09/2022

Great experience, great Customer Service/Focus!

I've been looking at a few of Chris' listings and finally decided to pull the plug.  I had spoken with him over the phone, and even with his baby laughing and crying in the background, he was willing and able to help answer my questions, some of which were not really 'important'.  He made the purchasing experience very easy.  Thanks Chris!

Submitted by Marty Tripp on 10/08/2022

Great experience

I found a piece of property through “Landmodo”. Chris contacted me and “Made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse“. All joking aside, Chris has been, from the beginning of our business arrangement, courteous, timely and helpful. I signed my documents today. Chris made it very easy for me. I got pictures, proof of ownership, and a beautiful piece of property on a mountain.We agreed on an owner financing arrangement. I could not be more thrilled that I am a participant in helping to empower, this young family, during these critical times, because I am in need of something he has. Chris has given me the ability to pay him over a period of time where I can organize and make arrangements to move to a piece of land, that at some point, will belong to me and that empowered me.Thank youLaura

Submitted by Laura Nardella on 09/09/2022