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HCL Holdings LLC Reviews

Submitted by Jason Vickery on 06/01/2024

Excellent buying experience

Overall Rating

I purchased a piece of property in early 2024 from Sid at HCL holdings and all of my expectations were exceeded. He was very knowledgeable and patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly. This company goes above and beyond. 

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Very nice guy to deal with can't wait to do more buisness thank you again Sid be safe

Submitted by Michael Mcdavid on 04/04/2024

Both Delightful and Pleasant

Mr. Christensen  was and is very easy to get along and communicatewith. We had a few laughs.  He was all to willing to answer questions, lots of questions. He even had patients with me as I went through the contract, which he did not mind at all. The process was simple, not a whole lot of paper work. He was upfront about all cost which I very much appreciated.

Submitted by Ama on 03/03/2024

Look at my future with his support

I just want to o say I travel for 4 days to see my property for my birthday and it's amazing I want to view the travel from California to Az and it's beautiful. My land is beautiful and I appreciate HcL so much for the opportunity to own. 

Submitted by Bettyjeansolefood on 01/06/2024

Thanks sid

thanks sid you made everything so easy and and thanks for putting up with me will do business again I'm sure thank you sir!!

Submitted by Lonnie Laager on 11/19/2023

Turning my dream into reality

I've always had a dream to own a piece of land I can call my own. But I was skeptical about online purchases. Thought I'd get scammed. Boy was I wrong!!! Sid Christianson answered all my questions and was very patient with me. He walked me through it step by step. And I can't thank him enough. Definitely want to recommend Sid for anyone wanting to purchase their own dream. Sid will make it happen!!!

Submitted by Chris Trussell on 10/24/2023

Fair, honest, commnicates well

HCL Holdings is a great place to buy land. They had land in my chosen area at a fair price. Sid's communication is exemplary. I have asked every question that can be asked and Sid always answers. HCL is a family business and I wish them well in their land sales. They are honest, not scammers. Very refreshing these days. 

Submitted by Laurie on 08/11/2023

Happy with my purchase

I have been working with Mr. Sid for a couple of years now and you can't find a better person to put you trust in.Mr.Sid will go out of his way to help you with any thing that comes up.I just purchased 40 acres  and am looking forward to being able to live with the wild animals. Thank you Mr.Sid for your support. Treasa

Submitted by Treasa Castano on 08/02/2023

Amazing service

Made it super easy 

Submitted by Riley on 08/01/2023


Sid was very helpful and easy to work with.Im satisfied with the experience, and the piece of property I'm buying.

Submitted by Charles Longfield on 07/11/2023

Osino, Elko County, Nevada

The Osino property is in a wonderful area of high desert of Elko County for recreation.  Great for ATVers, campers, or full time homesteaders that want to escape the rush of city life, while still being close to the vibrant town of Elko.Elko township is only 20 minutes away from the land and has restaurants with Italian, to Basque, British, Mediterranean, or Asian cuisine.  There are festivals and cultural events announced on everythingelko.com all year long to satisfy a huge variety of interests.The Osino property has given us the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife of the high desert up close, like the deer, rabbits, prairie dogs, humming birds, as well as ospreys.The area has cactus with pink and yellow blooms and wild lavender and sage. The land is surrounded by views of the Adobe, Lamoille, and Ruby mountains.  Sunrises and sunsets are as lovely as the starry nights with huge Western skies.  Nature lovers will find this area an enchanting retreat and adventure.

Submitted by Charlotte Rohde on 07/04/2023


Sid and HCL holdingings was awesome for helping find our dream home and was very helpful with setting up all the technology im not very good with and direction and issues we ran into hook us up with the information I would recommend highly 

Submitted by Connie on 06/18/2023

Great Experience with HCL Holdings

I contacted Sid Christensen of HCL Holdings for Investment Land for my IRA. Sid was very responsive. Purchasing through an IRA can be difficult and time consuming so I really appreciated their patience and working with my time frame. I have purchased quite a few properties and working with HCL Holdings on the Closing was efficient and minimal costs to close the deal.Thank You HCL Holdings and Sid Christensen!Pat Apple

Submitted by Pat Apple on 06/11/2023

I love the land!

I am happy with the purchase of my land I will build very soon, very good communication with Sid Christensen ????% Recommended

Submitted by Maria Douglas on 05/15/2023

Foundation of Hope for me!

I was going to write a super long explanation of what he has done for me but It just plain boils down to this: He changed my life by doing exactly what he said he was going to do! No BS, no scans, giving me a place to start over at the age of 50 with practically nothing gave me a chance to achieve more than I ever had before and what I could even have!A humongous heartfelt thank you to Sid Christian!

Submitted by Jason Wilson on 05/07/2023