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OnPoint Real Estate Solutions LLC Reviews

Submitted by Aliza Abbruzzi on 03/31/2024


Overall Rating

As a first time buyer I am very satisfied the way things were conducted. Mark went out of his way explaining everything to me even with every question I had . 

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Buying land made easy.

Mark walked me through the process, made purchasing five acres painless as cool be. He listened to my concerns, showed me the properties that fitted my interests, and even reassured my wife. Thank you for everything. 

Submitted by Chris on 07/15/2024

best choice ever

The process of buying land can be a path down a rabbit hole. we all dream with our piece of land, where we yearn to start building our bearings with Nature and Life. for most land sellers the transaction is all that matters. Not for OnPoint Real Estate Solutions and his main heart-man Mark Render; for Mark all that matters is transparency, step by step pristine communication, excellent support, great product, affordable and no frills financing , and customer service. There is nothing shady about him and his Real Estate Co.  Mr. Render is an open book, a very vibrant story about people getting together, selling and buying land for recreation, homesteading, get-away place, permanent residence, etc.  You name it, Mr. Render has it. Financing is so easy that one wonders why one didn't do it before. beautiful pieces of property affordable to almost any budget await for your leisure. Please enter the website, peruse the land of wonders and buy with confidence. You will not regret it.

Submitted by La Clandestina - Enrique & Sophia Fernandez on 07/09/2024

mark Render land salesmen at onpointre .

well ............ I have to say this this was one good land sale transaction !Mark Render is very informed about how to treat people right !.100 % good review for Mark Render.its about time for me to have run into Mark Render, I have for a long time had to deal with crooks, rip-off`s & losers.Mark Render is everything that is honest.

Submitted by Larry A. Rosa on 06/05/2024

Amazing customer service

This was my first Property purchased through ON POINT and i can say they are defently on point mark was quick to respond to everyone of my questions emails and calls wonderful customer service very transparent Processes quick easy and painless will be doing more business with them in The future

Submitted by Israel Perez on 04/29/2024


Mr. Mark was really helpful, all the information that we requested was delivered quickly and efficiently. He even answered all our text messages, emails and phone calls on Easter Sunday. We spoke with him about purchasing on Sunday and closed the deal on Tuesday.Thanks for everything.

Submitted by Oliver & Michelle Millan on 04/10/2024

Buying made easy.

There's a guy with s***** credit wants divorced and living paycheck to paycheck for the most part up until recently this process was extremely simple. Market streamlined it made it totally affordable for any budget he's very clear about his intentions and any rules and transparency was what attracted me the most. The process always intimidated me with lawyers and paperwork and all that but it could have been easier he's even got the payment link set up for you. If I ever have another purchase it would definitely be through these guys five stars two thumbs up would definitely recommend to anybody. Made a customer for life

Submitted by Jared Burkhart on 03/08/2024

Great Experience

It was a pleasure working with Mark. He explained key points of the process very well so I knew exactly what to expect moving forward. He is very organized, considerate and knowledgeable. I recommend working with Mark for your land purchase, it will be a smooth experience.-Matt

Submitted by Matthawk on 07/01/2023

Easy peasy

Mark makes it easy to buy land. Good prices, good loan terms. As always, do your due diligence with land purchases! Only thing that would make it easier perhaps would be to provide an option for title insurance (can still be purchased on your own but would give a little more peace of mind to land purchases).

Submitted by Jimmy on 06/01/2023

An easy, and pleasant transaction.

I can’t believe that I can all myself now a land owner. My sales representative Mark Render answered all my questions and make me feel at ease each step of the purchasing process. Landmodo facilitated finding the property but Mark made it a reality. Thanks Mark

Submitted by Carlos And Ruth Herrera on 03/27/2023

Thank you

This was an amazing experience I'm excited to have land 

Submitted by Skylar Lights on 03/24/2023

Buying property never been easier

Working with Mark was great. He has made the process easy and painless. He was able to work with me and my financial situation and we were able to close a deal that worked for both of us.  Very professional and knowledgeable and explained the process to make things go smoothly. 

Submitted by Frank Hernandez on 03/02/2023

Thank you

Mark has been really helpful in helping me buy my land definitely would do businesses again with him  He's really good at helping explain the process and walking you through it and extremely patient And very reasonable 

Submitted by Roy Mills on 03/02/2023

Quick service, very professional

Mark is an awesome seller. We made a deal quickly and professionally, better than most real estate agents, in my opinion!

Submitted by Jimmy on 10/02/2022

Fast and easy!

Great land and easy terms.,, nice guy and very respectful and reasonable. Was great working with you Mark. The parcels adjoining the one I’m buying might be for sale as well and I’m so happy that he will be doing all the leg work to possibly buy those as well. Thank you so much. 

Submitted by Rudy A Padilla on 08/02/2022