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Tate Land Company Reviews

Submitted by Noe P. on 03/26/2024

Excellent work

Overall Rating

I was help by Thomas Swindell he was super helpful and professional. At first it was overwhelming cuz it was my first time buying land, but Thomas did answering all my questions and it did make it a lot easier.

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Fantastic Group of Investors to Purchase property from!

 recently purchased land from Tate Land Company and had an excellent experience. The process was smooth, and the team was professional and helpful throughout. They answered all my questions and made me feel confident in my purchase. I highly recommend Tate Land Company to anyone looking to buy land. Five stars!

Submitted by Happy Veteran on 06/28/2024

Awesome experience

Getting straight to the point, after establishing communications with Thomas through Landmodo my initial purchasing of selected land has been nothing but the most pleasant and wonderful experience.The process has been so simple I felt as if something was missing throughout. My fears diminished after understanding the process when Thomas and his team delivered communications either via, posted textual information, direct messaging or video links as to how the fees paid up front enables Tate Land Company to accomplish all the leg work on the buyer’s behalf with documents and county transactions.Any questions, issues or concerns I’ve presented to Thomas and his team were quickly or within reasonable time addressed.On a personal note, I felt the prices and zero interest rate with Tate Land Company were extremely fair. I highly recommend this company to everyone including my family, friends and military veteran community.

Submitted by D.holmes on 09/14/2023

Land purchase

Thomas  Swindell  . He truly is a caring man. He went above and beyond to help my family . His responses to our questions were remarkable. He replied with to our questions promptly with professionalism.  We can’t say enough great words to describe how much we appreciate his devotion to help us.  

Submitted by Linda Seward on 06/30/2023