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Wallaby Equity Holdings, LLC Reviews

Submitted by ESJ on 03/26/2024

Awesome customer service

Overall Rating

Really felt a personal connection and understanding with purchasing land. Will be returning for more properties! 

Reply From Wallaby Equity Holdings, LLC

We are thrilled you chose us to help you on your land buying journey, Joe!!! We hope this will be a long-lasting working relationship and look forward to seeing you build your portfolio. We deeply appreciate your kind review!
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good experience

Overall a good experience.  Wallaby always got back to me within 24 hours.  Once due diligence was done, the transaction was completed quickly.  

Submitted by Rachel M. on 03/25/2024

Thank you!!

Sathya and team: thank you so much for all your help with selling my land to you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Sell, sell, sell fast! Keep on keeping on. God bless you, great job! 

Submitted by Tanda Butler on 03/25/2024

A pleasant land sale

My land sale with Wallaby Equity holdings went very smooth. They kept me informed and helped with the process from start to finish. They were easy to contact and were very prompt getting back to me, always very professional. My sister- in- law used them to sell her land and was very satisfied, she had the same great experience that I had.

Submitted by Mike Charlebois on 01/27/2024

Sathya-Apaches County, Arizona

Good to deal with you Sathya! Well organized and on top of everything! I will deal with her again!Cheers and good luck!

Submitted by Janum Management, Llc on 12/14/2023

First Time Land Buyer

It was a pleasure working with Sathya.  She was knowledgeable and filled with information.  The transaction process was easy and the turnaround time of response to my questions was addressed in a timely manner.  Sathya is a down to earth person who makes you feel comfortable and sure of yourself when you purchase.

Submitted by Jacqueline Domingo on 09/17/2023

Land Sale experience

Sathya at Wallaby has been very professional throughout the process for us to sell the AZ land quickly and smoothly. The entire process is very pleasant and quick. I would highly recommend their service.

Submitted by Laurie Shi on 08/11/2023


They are hands down the absolute best!!!! If your thinking about getting land definitely check them out.I’m telling you!! that you would absolutely love what they have to offer you.

Submitted by Letswynnwealth on 08/08/2023

Land done right

Very informative helpful supporting 

Submitted by Malikah International Communications on 07/14/2023

Best wedding gift

Thanks to Sathya and Wallaby Holding, me n my fiance reached another milestone as property owners. We now own over an acre of land, surrounded by the gorgeous petrified Forest. Thank you so much Sathya! This is the beginning of a long professional relationship. Can't wait til my next purchase!

Submitted by Lanesha B. on 07/08/2023

Easy land sale

Over the years I have received many offers in the mail to sell my acre of land in Concho but was always afraid they were fraud.  Wallaby is the first one I decided to research.  I asked friends in real estate and a title company to do a little research for me.  Well, was please to find out Wallaby Equity is a legit company.  Working with Sathya was a pleasure.  The entire transaction went very smoothly.   Everything was explained clearly, and she was very patient.  It was a pleasure doing business with Wallaby Equity.

Submitted by Karen on 06/28/2023

Made my first time a flawless experience

This was my first time purchasing land.  I had been thinking about it for years but never found anyone who seemed interested enough to take the time to help me through the process until I found Sathya.  She took a lot of time to answer my questions via email, have phone calls with me, and send me multiple properties to look at.  She was so patient, personable and genuine.  I would highly recommend working with her and I will do it again if I can! Thank you Sathya!

Submitted by Stacy Day on 05/30/2023

Very quick sale

I had a small piece of land that I wanted to sell. These sellers are fast and thorough. Thanks for everything!

Submitted by Michelle on 05/03/2023

A display of much needed Professionalism

Selling my land to wallaby equity holdings was quick , easy, and without hassle. I've been lied to, tricked, and disrespected by other potential buyers. It was Nothing of the sort with wallaby. Thanks again.                                                -Holmes

Submitted by Eric Holmes on 04/14/2023

Great opportunities

This family own business really cares  and are willing to walk you through the process. A wealth  of information and positive incerigement.  Thank you so much for all your help.

Submitted by Danny Hurst on 04/08/2023