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Torrance, New Mexico
$ 5,000.00

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Treed, 1 Acre lot located near Edgewood, New Mexico in Torrance county with beautiful mountain views. Zero percent owner financing offered, no credit check and no pre-payment penalties, everyone qualifies. Just pay the doc fee and sign the contract online to get started. Monthly automated payments will start one month later.

Cash: $4,800


Owner Finance: $5,000 – $200 doc fee/$0 down & 50 payments of $109.22 ($100 Loan Payment, $7.00 Service Fee, $2.22 property tax)

Note: Down Payment & Doc Fee can be paid using credit or debit card. Monthly payments must be paid using ACH – checking account/routing number.

Acres: 1.03
Property Id: R001186401 & R001186501
Legal Description: Bella Vista Estates Block 16, Lot D, Tract D, Tax ID# R001186401, and
Bella Vista Estates Block 16, Lot E, Tract D, Tax ID# R001186501

Elevation: 6,775 ft.
Topography: Sloping
Roads: Dirt Road
Utilities: None

This is off-grid land. There are no city utilities here. You can use batteries, a generator, solar panels, or a windmill for electricity.

For access to water, you can bring it with you, drill a well, have water trucked in and delivered, set up a rain catchment system

State: New Mexico
County: Torrance
Property Taxes: 26.66

Nearest Town: Albuquerque, NM

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GPS Coordinates:

NorthWest: 35.027549°-106.192298°
SouthWest: 35.026884°-106.192284°
SouthEast: 35.026878°-106.191681°
NorthEast: 35.027549°-106.191680°


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