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Costilla, Colorado
$ 24,158.00

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1495 Von Heyl Lane, a 3.59-acre vacant lot about 2.48 miles away from the Forbes Park Community Center, is a sight to behold. Crowned by greens and browns local to the famous high regions of Forbes Park, every acre of this residential soil is a spot for anything that you can think of. It’s 109 miles away from the famous Wolf Creek Ski Resort which is about a 2 hr 22 min drive and 199 miles away from Breckenridge Ski Resort which is a 3 hr 38 min drive.

Build your dream house on it and turn it into a natural familial paradise you and your family deserve. Or maybe even treat it as a vacation spot worthy of being visited at your most favorite time of the year.

Anything you can think of building on a residential lot can be accommodated. Remember – it’s 3.59 acres. That’s a lot of ground to cover, for just a small amount of price!

1495 Von Heyl Ln, Fort Garland, CO 81133
Fort Garland

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