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Pueblo, Colorado
$ 19,999.99

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This wide 1.24 acres plain/hill Land located in Cripple creek Dr, Colorado City, CO, 81019, 28 min (28.0 miles) far from Pueblo and just 13 min (8.1 miles) far from the Rye, Colorado town could be yours for an offensively low monthly payment of just $299.99 with ZERO interest!

28 min, 28.0 miles away from the “Steel City”: Pueblo : that has a profound history and is known for its peace-loving people and you have the beautiful Rye, Colorado Town just 13 min away…

Just imagine the experience of having your own place to go when you want to enjoy fresh air, beautiful views all around you and simply disconnect from it all – This invaluable Land has it all!

You can go for a quick fun visit to Pueblo Riverwalk and enjoy the foods, drinks, all shops lining the streets around it and explore the 54 pieces of art that dot the Riverwalk’s paved walkways and get back to your peaceful, wide, beautiful place…

This unique Land is wide enough for that future dream house you always dreamed about and could be the perfect place for camping with the family and kids for those memorable, priceless memories….

Don’t wait! Seriously!…This invaluable land could be sold at any moment…

Contact us Now, We will answer any questions you might have about this land, and if everything sounds good, you simply cover the doc fee of $150.00 and the Land is yours!

If you’re not sure if this is the right land to invest your “hard earned money” in…we TOTALLY understand that it’s not an easy decision, that’s why we offer a 60 days money back guarantee – NO Risk! Your satisfaction is our 1# priority…

However, you have to hurry! Because if you’re looking for a wide, well-placed Land to build that future home or simply to have that vacation, camping place you always wanted…this Land is the perfect place…and it could be sold at any moment!

Prove to yourself and your family you’re not a talker or a dreamer you’re a doer and make that precious dream a reality on this Invaluable Land!

In fact, on that Location, the low $299.99 monthly payment, Zero interest!…The kids and the family will LOVE it! …and this could be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make!

Go ahead, Make the first step towards your dream place…>>>Contact Us Now – No Risk.

Water: Dig a well or water is on street.
Sewer/Septic: Septic or Sewer is on street
Road Access: Yes, Cripple Creek DR.

County Phone numbers:
Phone number for Planning Dept: (719) 583-6100
Phone number for Recorder: (719) 583-6507
Phone number for Treasurer: (719) 583-6015
Phone number for Assessor: (719) 583-6597

Contact Us Now. – No Risk. ( 60 days Money Back Guarantee)

Cripple creek Dr, Colorado City, CO, 81019
Colorado City

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