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Kern, California
$ 11,999.00

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Enjoy this beautiful property near Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), also known as Mojave Wind Farm, is the third largest onshore wind energy project in the world. Just a minute ride going to the Wind Farm and you’ll see the unique beauty. Mojave has their own Airport to conveniently travel anytime you want. Yours for only $199/month. Call, or text today before someone else buys this land and is living your dream.

Phone: (323)638-9229
Parcel size: 5 Acres
APN: 224-461-22
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Taxes: $44 ANNUAL
Terrain: Flat, Dirt Road
Access: Partial dirt road
Owner Financing: Down payment $499, $199/month for 59 months

Mojave Air & Space Port, 1434 Flight Line, Mojave

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