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Navajo, Arizona
$ 3,663.00

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What would your future self tell you to do today?

If your future self were to come back and tell you what you should do today, what would it be? Maybe buy a certain stock? Buy a certain lottery ticket? Invest somewhere? Well, unfortunately that might be only something that happens in the movies. But one thing we do know about land is that there is only so much of it. And with all the money printing going on, it’s certain to cost more in the future than it does today.

So why not make a bet that’s not too hard to win? Get yourself a piece of land today and hang on to it for tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did. And not just because it goes up in price. You can actually enjoy that land today and into the future. It’s a great place to get away to. A place to camp, explore nature, bike, hike, ATV, photograph, and more. In fact you might make memories here that will last more than a lifetime.

Consider the value of Northern Arizona. Just within reach of many National Forests and National Parks. In the middle of the beautiful Painted Deseret. Affordable monthly payments and a money back guarantee.

Acquire a piece of land in the Painted Desert.

This lot is two miles from Interstate 40. Once on I-40 it is about 10 miles to Holbrook and 10 miles to the Petrified National Forest Park. Bring your RV or camping gear. The area has fishing, hiking, winter sports, golf, and scenic drives.

Nearby attractions (within a few hours): Apache-Sitgraves, Coconino, Prescott, Kaibab, and Gila National Forests and of course, the Grand Canyon

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Estimated annual taxes (subject to change): $14.72

Price: $99 down (+$199 document fee); $99 + prorated property taxes + $10 note fee per month for 36 months

Cash Price: Open to cash offers

GPS Coordinates (approximate):
center 34.92980 -110.07400
NW 34.93025 -110.07431
SW 34.92934 -110.07430
NE 34.93024 -110.07373
SE 34.92935 -110.07372

APN: 105-09-129

Credit check: We do not do credit checks

Guarantee: We stand behind our land. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money (less documentation/note fees and taxes) or exchange it for another piece of land during the first 90 calendar days after purchase.


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