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Klamath, Oregon
$ 13,900.00

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Ref Code #OR024 Capitalize on the rare opportunity to grab two side by side lots in this area! This subdivision is zoned for flexible rural living pursuits, so you can have double the land to work with. RV’s are allowed here. The land itself is level. There are no neighbors around in this already secluded subdivision, so if isolation is your thing, this property is for you. This lot would make a great camping location as well.

This property is vacant, so power, sewage, and water will need to be set up if you decide to build. You can message me, call the county to help answer any questions you have, or refer to the county building codes for more information.

The market value price for this property is $17,000. Our cash price discount is $13,600. If you are not able to pay all cash up front then financing options are available. Contact us for details.

GPS Coordinates (approximately, getting the property surveyed after purchasing is always recommended.)

NW (42.548604, -121.405410)

SW (42.547613, -121.404845)

NE( 42.548945, -121.404379)

SE (42.548125, -121.403569)

Send us a message and we can help answer any specific questions on this property, about owning land in the area, or about our fast and secure closing process!

To find the links to the county property codes, county recorder, county assessor, Google Maps link, etc, please visit this listing on our website or contact us.


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