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Park, Colorado
$ 16,000.00

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General Information
This 4.02 piece of land is located off of Koweta Trail in Park County, Colorado. Photos in this auction were taken on the land This is one of the nicest parcels we have to offer. The views are pristine and there is a nice patch as aspens on the land. The land has great views of the Rocky Mountains, the Mosquito Range as well as the surrounding valleys and hills that are dotted by aspen and pine trees. Breckenridge ski resort is about 50 miles, Denver and Colorado Springs are about a 2 hour drive from the land. Park County has some renowned fishing streams, hunting, as well as other outdoor activities. County maintained roads. Developed parcels will get more road maintenance then undeveloped parcels. Build now, or hold onto to for future development. No full time camping or RV living.

Building on this Land
This land is zoned for residential construction. There is no requirement that building must commence, however, once building does commence it must be completed within a reasonable timeframe, and must comply with local building codes and restrictions.

Minimum Square Footage to Build
400 square feet.

Building Restrictions
Conventionally constructed homes as well as Modular Homes are permitted, Mobile Homes are not. This Land is also subject to additional Covenants and Restrictions.

Power Lines are currently available in some portions the development.

Telephone Lines are currently available in some portions the development. We recommend using cellular telephone service as an alternative to hard-wired phone service.

Buyer may install a Well or Cistern System for Water. Any such system must comply with local regulations.

Buyer may install a Septic Tank System. Any such system must comply with local regulations.

Road Access
This land has legal access and physical access via county maintained roads. Road access to some areas may be affected by inclement weather such as snow. Access to some rural properties or areas affected by inclement weather may require a vehicle with adequate road capabiltites. Counties will typically give preferential maintainance to frequently traveled roads and roads with developed residences in place.

Only Short-Term Recreational Camping is permitted, up to an aggregate total not to exceed 30 days per calendar year. Lifestyle Camping or Long-Term Residential Camping is not Permitted. The County will cite offenders or impound vehicles in violation of County Camping Codes.

Back Taxes
This land has no unpaid Back-Taxes.

County Taxes
Property Tax of approximately $125 annually.

Annual Dues

Title is conveyed by Warranty Deed.

Listing ID: CO-PK-3979/EOC-78


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