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Luna, New Mexico
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You can now own your own piece of paradise with beautiful mountain views for only $89 a month. Have you been looking for the ideal off grid lot that you can do what you want with? Then look no further! This 1/2 acre getaway in the Deming Ranchettes subdivision of southwestern New Mexico is available at an unbelievable price. It’s located just 25 minutes outside the town of Deming.

This will become your home away from home since it’s nicely situated in a peaceful, serene location with little development. The lot is accessible by a good dirt road and is just about an hour from the Florida Mountains Wilderness Study Area.

The climate here is fantastic and is good year around. The highs in the summer can reach the 90s and the winters rarely get below 30, andwinters are always short. This location is also ideal for renewable energy options like wind and solar as well.

It’s the perfect spot to relax AND explore! There are many surrounding parks to discover such as Rock Hound State Park (only 11 minutes away) and Spring Canyon State Park (only 18 minutes away). The famous Gila National Forest is less than 90 minutes away and the bigger town of Las Cruces is only an hour away.

Luna County and Surrounding Area Attractions

You can walk, hike, and bike, and so much else, year-round in Luna County, New Mexico. Deming is located in Luna County, NM, on the southwest border of the United States. Luna County is high desert all the way. To the southeast of Deming, you can encounter the large and small of the Florida Mountain Range, and on the way to the village of Columbus, you can spot the Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) Mountains. Columbus is located about half an hour south of Deming, along the international border with Mexico.

The entire region is filled with wildlife, flowers, desert plants, incredible rocks and minerals, and the cowboy way of life that has existed here for over a century.

Life here takes place in an area rich in history. There are the talented Mimbres and Mogollon Indian cultures, the Butterfield Stage Pony Express, the open range of the cowboys, Pancho Villa’s invasion over the border of Mexico into Columbus, and other astounding historical events. Deming is also home to the silver spike driven in 1881 that joined the Second Transcontinental Railroad, and still plays an important role in commercial and passenger rail travel.

The sun shines almost every day in Luna County. The temperatures are mild-to-hot in the summer and cold a few days in the winter. And when the mercury rises, it is typically a dry heat accompanied by a cooling breeze. Deming is very healthy for those who come. In fact, in the old days and into the 20th century, doctors from all over the nation sent their patients to Deming to regain their health. Deming is indeed a healthy place to be with plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Renewable Energy

Luna County New Mexico has an abundance of sunshine, wind and geothermal resources, making it a natural location for renewable energy production and clean energy jobs. In fact, New Mexico is ranked second in the nation for potential solar-generated electric power production and tenth in wind potential. Taken together, New Mexico has more renewable energy potential than any other state.

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