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Costilla, Colorado
$ 13,000.00

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How many Americans do you know who are really land owners, not just in debt to some massive mortgage from some big bank? The good news is that you can make yourself one of them, for only $13,000, plus some small fees. For this bargain price, you can buy five acres in south-central Colorado, and build on it when you’re ready. (There’s no time limit!)

When you’re ready can even mean when you retire, whether that will be in three years or thirty. For retirement, you’ll want a spot of American soil to call your own. You’ll want to stretch out, settle, and sink in your roots, just like you can sink in to dig a well to make this parcel self-sustainable. This land can be your post-retirement paradise. You just have to start it working for you.

The good news is that there’s no time limit. Buy now, and develop in three years, or thirty. Whenever you’re ready!

NW 37.3723, -105.4138
NE 37.3729, -105.4122
SE 37.3717, -105.4116
SW 37.3712, -105.4129

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Tyellen Rd & Englewood Rd
Fort Garland

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