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Navajo, Arizona
$ 178.00

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Just a few minutes from I-40 and famous Route 66 you’ll find an acre that is perfect for a weekend getaway or an investment property! Only 30 minutes from the City of Holbrook, you can enjoy your own personal paradise while maintaining the convenience of the city living! Zoned as residential, you can do a number of different things!

It gets better! We are priced over thousands (literally) below the comparable properties, with very easy finance terms. You can enjoy a deep cash discount or payments as low as $79 a month! Payments can even be automated. There is no credit check.

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Regional Attributes:
Holbrook, Arizona 86025, USA – 32 mins.
Snowflake, Arizona 85937, USA – 58 mins.
Gillespie Park, 109 19-384, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 32 mins.
Heward Park, 1445 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 32 mins.
Navajo County Parks & Rec Department, 100 E Carter Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 32 mins.
Roxy Theater, 153 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 32 mins.
Holbrook Plaza Shopping Center, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 30 mins.
Safeway, 702 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 34 mins.
Family Dollar, 407 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 33 mins.
Hidden Cove Golf Course, 1500 Golf Course Rd, Holbrook, AZ 86025 – 37 mins.

Option 1: One Time Payment of $1,499
Option 2: Down Payment of $99 down, $99/mo for 24 at 5% ($2,376)
Option 3: Down Payment of $79, $79/mo for 36 at 9% ($2,844)
Document Preparation Fee: $99

Why Choose Nunn Land Sales? The industry standard for a non-refundable Document Preparation Fees range from $399.00 and greater, but we’re not like other land investors! We keep our Document Preparation Fees to a minimum! Shopping with us gives you instant savings! Most real estate transactions depend on a credit score from the buyer, but again, we’re not like other land investors! We believe a credit score is not a reflection of a person, but just what a person has been through.

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We believe purchasing land should be simple. That’s why there are no doc fees, no hidden fees, no early payoff fees. All payments are made via ACH Bank Draft or by credit card. After the successful completion of the down payment, someone from our team will send you a contract to electronically sign. Afterwards, you’ll be able to login to our payment portal, see your amortization table, make payments, and view your closing other documents.

Basic Information:
APN: 106-02-433
Acre: 1.15
County: Navajo
State: Arizona
Zip Code: 86025
GPS Corners:
34.9826, -109.8544
34.9826, -109.8550
34.9834, -109.8550
34.9834, -109.8544
Zoning: A-General
Zoning Summary: 1. Single-family dwellings – including conventional site-built homes, Manufactured
Homes (including rehabilitated Mobile Homes) and Factory-Built Buildings as
defined and regulated in Article 21 hereof.
2. Churches.
3. Farms including customary agricultural uses.
4. Public schools, elementary and secondary.
5. Public and private forests and wildlife reservations.
6. Utility Facilities – Facilities for the delivery to the public, by a regulated public utility
or a public entity, of water, gas, electricity, steam, hot or cold air,
telecommunications and cable television service, or sewer service. This shall
include the pipes, lines and cables required for the actual delivery of the foregoing,
as well as facilities and appurtenances directly related thereto (such as pumping
or booster stations along pipelines and substations along transmission lines). It
shall not include generating plants, treatment plants, storage yards, business
offices or other major utility facilities which may be allowed with a special use
permit pursuant to article 20. It likewise shall not include television, radio or
telecommunications towers and stations, which shall require a special use permit
pursuant to Article 20.
7. Publicly owned or operated properties including but not limited to fire stations,
police stations and post offices.
8. Golf courses including club houses located thereon, including miniature courses
or practice driving tees operated for commercial purposes.
9. Libraries, museums, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts and community buildings.
10. Hospitals and institutions of an educational, religious, charitable or philanthropic
nature may be allowed with a use permit issued by the Board of Adjustment,
provided the buildings for such uses are set back from all lot lines a distance of not
less than two (2) feet for each foot of building height. Homes for the aged, nursing
homes and convalescent homes may be allowed with a Use Permit issued by the
Board of Adjustment.
11. Home occupations.
12. Except as otherwise specified, all agricultural uses and the production, harvesting,
curing, processing, packaging, shipping and roadside stands offering for sale only
farm products produced on the premises.
13. Commercial feed lots, dairy farms, the raising of fur-bearing animals or the raising
or feeding of animals that could create noise, odors, dust, or pose a problem of
health or sanitation to neighboring properties if within six hundred (600) feet of a
property line, will be subject to securing a Use Permit, and periodic inspection to
assure compliance.
14. Public riding stables and boarding stables provided the site contains at least ten
(10) acres and the building housing the animals is set back from all property lines
a distance of not less than one hundred (100) feet.
15. The keeping of horses, providing that:
a. Corrals, stables, watering areas and feeding stations are set back from all
property lines a distance of not less than that required for building setbacks.
b. Corrals contain at least six hundred square feet (600 sq. ft.) per horse.
16. Plant nurseries and greenhouses for the propagation, cultivation and wholesale
distribution of plants produced on the premises. Open storage shall be limited to
plants or packaged fertilizer, and the buildings and structures used in connection
therewith are set back from all lot lines a distance of not less than that required for
residential building setbacks.
17. Fences or free-standing walls not to exceed a height of six feet (6′).
18. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to above uses, including:
a. Barns, sheds and stable buildings.
b. Guest houses and quarters for servants and caretakers employed on the
premises, providing that the lot be a minimum of ten thousand square feet (10,000 sq. ft.) in area, that all buildings meet all building setbacks, that the
guest house or servants and caretakers quarters be no greater than
seventy-percent (70%) of the square footage of the principal dwelling and
subject to securing a use permit. If kitchen facilities are provided therein,
any use permit approved for such quarters shall continue if, upon
inspection, satisfactory evidence indicates that such buildings are
continuing their function as bona fide guest houses, servant’s or caretakers’
quarters and not as a rental unit.
19. Feed Stores on not less than two and one half (2.5) acres of land.
20. Group Homes for the Disabled subject to Section 2518.
21. A use similar to any of the foregoing permitted uses may be allowed upon a written
determination by the Director of Development Services that the proposed use is
similar in nature and impact to the permitted use and is consistent with the overall
purposes of the zoning district. The Director’s determination may be appealed to
the Board of Adjustment pursuant to Article 28 hereof. The burden shall be upon
the property owner to prove by clear and convincing evidence that the proposed
use is similar to the permitted use.
Annual Taxes: $9
Deed Conveyance: SW

Most pictures are of nearby properties or Google Streetview. We are based in NC and have not been to the property.


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