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Navajo, Arizona
$ 2,000.00

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Own This Property with NO credit check or hidden fees for only $75 a month!

This is the place to get in all the riding you need! 1.33 Acres in Navajo County AZ is close to Petrified National Forest and not far from Holbrook! There are plenty of places to get off road and RIDE! Ready to own it? For only $75 a month with no credit check you can!

Make an investment in your future and get to enjoy your weekends too. Its a Win/Win!
You’ll have the desert to yourself to build the perfect off grid getaway spot. Enjoy the great outdoors during the day and spend the evenings by the campfire staring at the beautiful night sky. If you have ever dreamed of owning property now is the time!
Spend time with family and friends enjoying:
● Petrified National Forest & Painted Desert
● Monument Valley
● Homolovi State Park
● West and East Mitten Buttes
● Fool Hollow Lake
● Hunts Mesa
● John Ford Point

You will NEVER be bored again! So get in touch to find out more about the property and how easy it is to make payments each month to become a property owner!

Cash: $2000 + $199 Document Fee
Owner Financing: $50 Down + $199 Document Fee then $75/mo for 30 months
$200 Down + $199 Document Fee then $75/mo for 26 months ($150 Off Final Price)
$300 Down +$199 Document Fee then $75/mo for 22 months ($350 Off Final Price)

RANCHO 94 LOT 95 86025 Holbrook

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