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Fremont, Colorado
$ 7,500.00

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TR-211 off 29th Trail is a 2.72-acre property located 19 miles from Cotopaxi in Fremont County, Colorado. TR-211 is located just to the East of Copper Gulch Road and has road access from K-Path from the County Road. There is a nearby cell tower offering full cell service and access to power is right off 29th Trail. Sadly, a fire came through this part of the Florida-Colorado Acres Subdivision a few years back but the area is rebuilding nicely and for the most part the damaged trees have fallen thus the clearing of trees will not be a strenuous nor expensive project. The mountain views are remarkable in almost all directions!!

Cash Price – $7,500
Same as cash 6 month financing is available as well as owner financed 24 & 36 month options.

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Coordinates: 38.318917, -105.481861

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TR-211 - 29th Trail

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