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Costilla, Colorado
$ 125.00

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A 6.5 plot of land is available in beautiful Costilla County. It’s just $125 down and $100 a month and it’s located on a square mile of public land, surrounded by wide plains and towering mountains.

So no-one will hear you sing.

Put a down-payment on it before someone else does!

Property Details:
Parcel ID: 70389050
Subdivision: San Luis Valley Ranches
County: Costilla
Size: 6.5 Acres
Terrain: Level
Access: ROAD (Unpaved)
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $75 per year

Down Payment: $125 (30 day cool off – If you change your mind, this is refunded 100%)
Document Fee: $249 (non-refundable)
Financing: $100.00 per month for 72 months – Pay automatically like a car payment! After your last payment is received, we submit the notarized deed in your name to the County Clerk to be recorded. It really is that easy.
Property Taxes: When the tax bill is received, we prorate the amount due as part of your monthly installments (e.g. if the tax bill is $96, we add $8 to your monthly payments).
Administrative Fee: A standard $9.99 fee is charged monthly for bookkeeping and other supplementary administrative expenses.

Reserve it Now: Call‬ or email the listed contact information.

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)
Northwest Corner: 37°22’57.4″N 105°38’32.3″W
Northeast Corner: 37°22’54.3″N 105°38’27.4″W
Southwest Corner: 37°22’49.9″N 105°38’33.7″W
Southeast Corner: 37°22’51.2″N 105°38’35.8″W

Dove Road Court (just north of Lafayette Road)

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