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Santa Cruz, Arizona
$ 11,999.00

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2.8 Acres of desert beauty in Rio Rico, AZ
Tucked away in the desert, just a couple of miles from the Santa Cruz river are a few choice plots of vacant land that present a unique opportunity. The chance to get away from ever-present technology and a chaotic society, kick back and take in part one of the best parts of Arizona. Enjoy peace and quiet, bright, sunny days and cool, pleasant nights.

Located in Santa Cruz which boasts the most temperate county in Arizona which has on average over 270 sunny days. What could you do with all that sun? Consider one of the many family-oriented activities which include camping, hiking, stargazing, off-roading, and observing wildlife.

This land is an investment that will appreciate each year and can be passed down to your children which expands your legacy. Land is an asset that if used properly, can bring lasting memories for years to come and expand your heritage.

Rio RIco

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