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Apache, Arizona
$ 1,499.00

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Finding land to go off the grid can be a challenge. If one is wanting to bring an RV for the weekend, you better check on the zoning! Or if one wants to go camping, you have to make sure it’s legal for that, as well! One remembers a simpler time, when all the legal mumbo jumbo didn’t impactr what one would do with their own property!

Even if one can find a property zoned correctly for your use, more times than not it’s not in the budget. Either the owner financing is requiring a huge down payment, or worse yet, there isn’t even a financing option at all!

Nunn Land Sales focuses on selling discount land to bargain shoppers! And boy do we have a deal for you here! If this is you…keep reading!

Just south of famous Route 66 lies an acre property with your name on it! It’s zoned to allow temporary RV’s and you can even camp on the property. It has both physical and legal access, which is rare for the area. Plus, the pricing fits any budget!

This property can be yours today for as little as $59 a month! We do not perform credit checks! Our website check out system is super easy to use! The checkout can be done from a cell phone or laptop within a minute.

If you’re purchasing the property with the cash discount, we’ll send you the deed to proof before recording it (usually within a day). If you’re buying it on terms, you’ll have a contract within a day to electronically sign.

Hurry before this one is gone! The checkout link is on our website below the interactive map.

Regional Attributes:
Holbrook, Arizona 86025, USA – 25 min (23.4 miles)
Chambers, Arizona 86512, USA – 37 min (36.1 miles)
Little Lithodendron Wash Bridge – 10 min (6.4 miles)
Holbrook Dog Park – 22 min (20.5 miles)
Denny’s – 22 min (20.7 miles)
Lisitzky Park – 24 min (21.5 miles)
Holbrook Skatepark – 26 min (23.4 miles)
Hunt Park – 25 min (23.3 miles)
Holbrook Public Pool – 27 min (23.7 miles)
Park Elementary School – 26 min (23.7 miles)
Navajo County Historical Society – 26 min (23.3 miles)
Navajo County Fairgrounds – 26 min (23.6 miles)

Option 1: One Time Payment of $1,499
Option 2: $99 down, $99/mo for 18 at 5% ($1,881)
Option 3:$59 down, $59/mo for 36 ay 9% ($2,183)
Document Preparation Fee: $99

Why Choose Nunn Land Sales? The industry standard for a non-refundable Document Preparation Fees range from $399.00 and greater, but we’re not like other land investors! We keep our Document Preparation Fees to a minimum! Shopping with us gives you instant savings! Most real estate transactions depend on a credit score from the buyer, but again, we’re not like other land investors! We believe a credit score is not a reflection of a person, but just what a person has been through.

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We believe purchasing land should be simple. That’s why there are no doc fees, no hidden fees, no early payoff fees. All payments are made via ACH Bank Draft or by credit card. After the successful completion of the down payment, someone from our team will send you a contract to electronically sign. Afterwards, you’ll be able to login to our payment portal, see your amortization table, make payments, and view your closing other documents.

Basic Information:
APN: 211-35-073
Acre: 1.05
County: Apache
State: Arizona
Zip Code: 86025
GPS Corners:
35.021600, -109.830101
35.021600, -109.830600
35.022501, -109.830600
35.022501, -109.830099
Zoning: AG
Zoning Summary: Houses, barns, garages, shed but building permits is required. RVs are allowed for temporary use only. Mobile Homes must be 15 years or newer. Camping is allowed.
Annual Taxes: $4
Deed Conveyance: SW

Most pictures are of nearby properties or Google Streetview. We are based in NC and have not been to the property.

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