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Santa Cruz, Arizona
$ 8,960.00

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Peace & Quiet is Just What the Doctor Ordered…. Get a TON of it on Your 1.26 Acres in Rio Rico for Only $169 a Month!
This 1.26 acre property has some of the best views in the area! Located on the westside of Interstate 19, it is conveniently located only 5 miles from the US/Mexico Border! This older well established subdivision is home to retirees, artisans and hard working families. You’ll fit right in! Its a great place to call home, or come escape the hustle and bustle of the city on weekends! For only $169 a month you can OWN this property with absolutely no credit check!

There is a small ravine on the property that gives it tons of character and terrain features! This could be incorporated into the theme of your place, or you can clear a drainage culvert and flatten it out. There is electricity already on the paved roads, so that will save you thousands when you do decide to build your home.

Rio Rico is not only great for relaxing and becoming part of a great community, but it’s got anything an adventure lover could want! Mountains, canyons, lakes, and plenty of wildlife fill Santa Cruz County. So why not make this area a place you can call home, even if its only on the weekends! I promise once you spend some time here you are never going to want to leave! You’ll never have to hear the kids or grandkids say “I’m BORED” ever again! They will be way to busy spending quality time outside getting exercise and fresh air!

If you are ready to get started on becoming a property owner get in touch and I can walk you through the steps of the easy process. I’ve helped dozens of families just like yours take the leap…. Let me help you! Email, text or call me and lets get started!

Rio Rico

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