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Costilla, Colorado
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The San Luis Valley is one of Colorado’s last large agricultural areas. It is one of the nation’s largest potato producing areas, and also produces a lot of barley and hay. If you drink beer brewed in Colorado (either Coors or Bud), chances are good the barley it was brewed from was grown in the San Luis Valley.

The agricultural output of the Valley is amazing, since it sits at around 7,500+ elevation and has a relative short growing season. It averages generally less than 8 inches of precipitation per year and is totally reliant on irrigation. Winters can be very cold, but with relatively little snow on the valley floor. The valley is also cool in the summer with few days topping 90 degrees.

The oldest settlements and the oldest continuously operating church in Colorado are in the Valley. There are some great local restaurants where one can find authentic southern Colorado/northern New Mexico “New Mexican” food.

There are many neat things to see in the Valley–the Great Sand Dunes, an alligator farm (really!), the Stations of the Cross sculptures in San Luis (an absolute must-not-miss, regardless of one’s religious persuasion), the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad (both not to be missed), just to name a few.

Property Details:

Property Address: 14th St, Blanca, CO 81123, USA
Parcel ID: 70321540
Size: 5.00 Acres
Terrain: Level
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $95 per year


Cash Price: $ 6,000.00
Owner Financing: $ 125.00 Down, $ 125.00 per month for 60 months

GPS Coordinates:
Northwest Corner: 37.33561, -105.50362
Northeast Corner: 37.33562, -105.50253
Southwest Corner: 37.33382, -105.50363
Southeast Corner: 37.33383, -105.50252
Centre: 37.33481, -105.50319

14th St

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