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Apache, Arizona
$ 2,500.00

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Off Grid Isn’t For Everyone…. Only Cool People Seem to Like it

And you’re a pretty cool person, right? Of course you are! So buy this 4.5 acre property in Apache County Arizona and live the off grid lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about! You can install a generator or solar, septic, and a well and build that dream house you’ve been wanting, or use it as a weekend camping spot and a hub to go out and explore all the local treasures. You can search for fossils in Petrified National Forest, hike around Canyon de Chelly National Monument, go skiing at Sunrise Park Resort, climb Spider rock, and go fishing at Big Lake and Lyman Lake State park. There is something for everyone to enjoy! You will never want to go back to the city again after spending time here!

This property is available for only $99 a months after a $99 down payment! So for the price of taking the family out to dinner you can OWN a property that will last generations. Get in touch to find out more about how to get started on your land portfolio!

Here are some notes from the photographer who visited the property regarding driving to the property –

Property accessed via the southern border on a less traveled dirt two track off of another well traveled dirt two track. This two track was a bit over grown so I chose to access the property by the northern two track, which is more traveled until about 0.3 miles from the property, of which it is then over grown. But either could be cleared easily for better access.

Because I took that route I came upon four bull elk next to the Northwest corner. I was able to photograph two before they hurried off. I have cropped the photo for better viewing but included the original as well.

Property is slighted elevated in terrain near the northern border, sloping to the south. This elevation gives you nice views to the southeast, south, and southwest mountains, best from the northeast side of the property.

Property has mixed vegetation including juniper, hackberry bushes and mixed brush. There was a lot of dead fall on the property.

4G cell service in some areas, light debris on property (cans and a tire). No neighbors within view except to the east a ways. Closest neighbor would be on the northern two track 0.3 miles to the east.

If you have any questions at all on this property, feel free to reach out any time!


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