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Kern, California
$ 19,490.00

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This 5-acres of raw land is an ideal investment for both the savvy investor and aspiring first time home owners, alike. Situated along Willow Ave, it’s glared upon the nearby mountain ranges and nearby farmlands of Kern County. 18 minutes to the East is the city of Rosamond – a city that’s a part of Greater Los Angeles north of Lancaster and Palmdale.

Meanwhile, a little side trip down to the South are two major cities – Lancaster, which is less than 30 minutes away and Palmdale, 40 minutes away.

On the one hand, the city of Lancaster is a charter city in northern Los Angeles County, in the Antelope Valley of the western Mojave Desert in Southern California. The city is filled with a variety of attractions, forms of entertainment, and relaxing places to recharge. The city also showcases a historic district that features an array of boutiques, dining opportunities, and entertainment.

Palmdale, on the other hand, is a city in northern Los Angeles County in California famed for its US Air Force Testing Center where aircraft like the legendary Lockheed Blackbird took their first flights. However, the city has so much to offer other than a testing facility. It’s numerous parks and family-themed amusement centers are also a famous attraction.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Since your new property has two nearby cities, it would also mean twice the fun. 21 minutes away from your new property is Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. A reserve that offers a panoramic view of the mountain ranges beside brightly-colored wildflowers. It is because of this that Lancaster celebrates the Poppy Festival April where one can join in for two days of music, art, food and fun.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a place to cool down for you and your family, a little trip further south may do you some good. 39 minutes away is the Dry Town Water Park. This attraction offers six water slides for both kids and grown-ups and if you’re looking for a place to get your toddler’s feet wet, the Little Miner’s Camp fun zone is there for you. Complete with shallow pools, amusements, and three smaller rides.

Showcasing History and Culture

If you’d like to take a journey down memory lane, both Lancaster and Palmdale have some of the most exquisite exhibits of history. The Lancaster Museum of Arts and History, 26 minutes away from your new property, which is dedicated to art appreciation, history, and culture of Antelope Valley. Native artifacts and locally collected dinosaur fossils are also displayed. Innovations in the form of creative presentations of sustainable energy are also showcased but, mainly, the museum collects post-war period and contemporary art such as sculpture, prints, drawings, photography and film.

Likewise, the Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Park near Palmdale and is only 49 minutes away, share the same sentiment for the Antelope Valley as it aims to share an insight into the area’s rich anthropology. The exhibit also includes ceramics, textiles, and a glimpse of the norms and lifestyles of both aboriginal and present-day Native American groups.

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Pricing Details:
Cash Price: $19,490
Financing Price : $22,999
Down Payment : $1,999
Monthly Payment: flexible

Property Details:
County: Kern
State: CA
Parcel Number: 359-183-05-00
Size (in acres): 5.01 Acres
City: Rosamond, CA
Zip Code: 93560
Center GPS Coordinates: 34.8391, -118.3385
GPS Coordinates of Lot Corners:
34.83950, -118.33945
34.83860, -118.33945
34.83865, -118.33726
34.83955, -118.33727
Elevation: 2503.3 ft
Road Access: Dirt
Terrain: Flat
Electricity: Cannot determined what company services in the area
Sewer: Need to install septic
Water: Need to dig a well
Annual Taxes: $2,970.44
HOA: County doesn’t have information on this, they suggest confirming this to the owner

What type of construction:

– Breeding and raising animals
– Growing of agricultural crops for domestic use of the resident/occupant.
– Community garden

– Accessory dwelling unit
– Manufactured home, mobilehome, or recreational vehicle, temporary, during
construction of a single-family home
– Manufactured home
– Residential accessory structures
– Residential facility, serving six (6) or fewer persons
– Single-family dwelling, with a width greater than sixteen (16) feet

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