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Saguache, Colorado
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This flat half acre sits at 7998.34 feet with $7,500 worth of electric and water utilities hook-ups. It has stunning views of the 14,000′ Sangre De Cristo Mountains on one side, and a vast overlook of the San Luis Valley on the other. The town borders Great Sand Dunes National Park. Mobile Homes and camping are allowed on the property with limited restrictions. The property is roughly half cleared, and half small pine trees.

COMMUNITY- Crestone is a unique and harmonious mix of retirees, artists, monks, and rugged outdoorsman. It is home to over 20 religious centers and wellness retreats! It is one of the most diverse communities in Colorado, and the greater Rocky Mountains Region. The Native American tribes that inhabited the area neither settled nor fought on the land where Crestone is today because it was considered sacred, and holy ground. No wonder it has attracted so many faiths from around the world!
OUTDOORS- There are many natural and improved hot springs in the town and the surrounding area. Dozens of trails lead up to the mountains and provide abundant fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, photographing, climbing, and kayaking opportunities for people of all skill levels.
AMENITIES- The town has a brewery, restaurants, art galleries, book stores, spas, and much more. The town is home to one of Colorado College’s many campuses, and The Crestone Charter School. There are a number of hospitals and medical centers down in the valley to accommodate Crestone’s retiree population.

3 NATIONAL PARKS- Beside what was mentioned in the town summary, the property is 1 hour away from the entrance to Great Sand Dunes National Park, home to the largest sand dunes in North America, and one of the only places in the world where one can witness sand dunes with a backdrop of lush snowcapped mountains! Back Canyon of The Gunnison National Park, the Grand Canyon’s mysterious and beautiful cousin, is 4 hours away.
Both Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon National Parks are Internationally Designated Dark Sky zones (IDSP), making them and the surrounding areas excellent for amateur astronomy and astrophotography!
Mesa Verde National Park, home to the largest and most well preserved ancient Native American city in the nation, is 4 hours away. The San Luis Valley itself is surrounded on all sides either by national forests or national parks.
OTHER ATTRACTIONS- There are many ranches offering horseback riding and hot spring spa retreats down below in the valley. There is also a UFO Watchtower that attracts visitors from all around the country!

Parcel Number – 460516300209
Closest Cities –
The property is 2 hours away from Pueblo (CO), 3 hours from Santa Fe (NM), 3 hours away from Colorado Springs (CO), and 4 hours away from Denver (CO).
Crestone is RAPIDLY growing. The Realestate market is hot and it is not because a random speculative bubble. Crestone has inherit value because of its beautiful mountains, its proximity to Great Sand Dunes National Park, and its rich and unique cultural diversity.
We are in the midst of a mass city exodus migration trend as businesses have made there workforce go digital and remote due to COVID-19, which means those workers are no longer tied down to the buildings in the cities they used to work in… and with all the bars, clubs, coffee shops, and attractions shut down, and the high rent price unchanged, its a no-brainer. Get out of the city and find somewhere breathtaking, all you need is wifi.
Colorado, Florida, Arizona, and Texas have been the most moved to states not only in 2020, but for the past 10 years!

THIS IS YOU- Trapped in your tiny windowless apartment working from your laptop. Stressed out and bored. All the fun things in your city have been shut down. Why is everything so expensive? Why is the weirdo above me moving furniture at 3:00AM? When will this zoom meeting end!?
THIS COULD BE YOU- The only thing more gorgeous than this locally made piece of art is the view of the rugged mountains outside my window right next to it! Work isn’t so bad anymore when my coffee is sweetened with my neighbors organic honey. I can’t decide whether I am going hike up to a quiet hot spring today or if I should surf down the largest sand dune in North America. Or maybe I should go to that Hindu celebration in town today… One thing is for sure, tonight I am going to that UFO Watchtower in the valley and bringing my telescope, I might not see a flying saucer but I will definitely see Saturn and Jupiter! Don’t even ask me about this weekend…

Life is precious and short. Instead of saving up FOR paradise, save up IN paradise! Keep reading and REACH OUT to me. This is a great property and I want to help give you the HAPPY LIFE you deserve.

PAY NOW- $14,000. I accept cash, check, or bitcoin.

Doc Fee = $60

PAY OVER TIME- $16,900. I accept cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal

Doc Fee = $100

Monthly Payment = $0 DOWN & 0% INTEREST! $100 or more per month.

$20,000 up front, or $22,000 with monthly payments.
You will get:

-Title Insurance
-Detailed Property Report with Additional Pictures and Drone Videos
-Property Corners Staked Out.
-A Tour of the Property and Surrounding Area by me or one of my associates.
-A Wooden and Metal Plaque for your wall
-20% off your Next Land Purchase

Email/call/text me for more pictures, videos information, or if you have a counter offer!

2704 Happy Hollow Way

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