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Pueblo, Colorado
$ 29,000.00

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Pueblo, as recognized by President Eisenhower, is called the “Home of the Heroes”. For some reason, there’s just something in the water that turns most people into real-life heroes (or factually, military veterans).

Maybe – just maybe – you and your family might be the modern day heroes of the United States, and all it takes is for you to drink Pueblo County Water.

In all seriousness, there’s an 11.17-acre vacant land sitting without a master within Pueblo West, specifically on 1094 N GANTTS FT AVE. Accessible via a dirt road hailing from PLATTEVILLE BLVD and ultimately US-50, this pristine, raw plot of land is something to behold.

Patches of green and browns scattered throughout the land make it less likely for you to see it as just a boring, patch of land. Sitting under the talked-about impressive year-round weather of Colorado, it’s a fascinating wonder that this lot is being sold for just a mere $29,000 – and we made it possible for you.

Being an A-3 Zoned land – aside from having the right to build your own 1-family residence on the lot – you may also create your own equestrian arena (for personal use), a bit of ranching/farming, a guest house, nursery for plant materials, or even a roadside sale stand (retail agricultural products).

Thrive on the endless possibilities when you buy this plot of land for a full price of $29,000.

If all of these words don’t convince you, maybe our voices will. Dial 719-280-6514 on your phone and be ready for a journey of a lifetime.


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