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Jeff Davis, Texas
$ 10,000.00

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$500 Down Secures the Property and is credited towards the final sale price
This is a 5.81 acre property that fronts US-90 is located in Jeff Davis County only 24 miles south of the City of Van Horn and 15 miles north of the City of Valentine. It is a beautiful, open property with approximately 375 feet of road frontage along US Hwy 90 otherwise known as “Texas Mountain Trail” and is approximately 686 feet deep. Utility poles run the length of US-90  as seen in the images that accompany this listing.

Pictures cannot adequately capture the beauty of the night sky in this region of Texas. There’s a reason the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory is located nearby. A link to their site where you can see for yourself the unbelievable list of programs they offer is here:

Another name for US-90 in this region of the state is “Texas Mountain Trail”. You may find that on maps of the area. To gain insight into what this refers to, take a look here:

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