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Levy, Florida
$ 1,850.00

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Have you been looking for a place to build your home? A place that has warm climatic conditions and endless opportunity for adventure? Look no further. Make the move to the Sunshine State of Florida and enjoy the stunning scenery all year round!

Claim this gorgeous property in Levy County and enjoy the perks associated with having your own tropical retreat! Schedule a family trip to the Blue Springs Park located in Orange City. Nothing beats floating in cool crystal-clear water on a hot sunny day in Florida! Take the kids out for a day in the sun at the Lil Shark Park located only a few minutes away from your property. Watch them enjoy the play area as you sip on a cool refreshing beverage on the clean white sand! Share the joys of building sand castles as a family or just simply submerge your feet in the soothing water and take a load off! It’s your time to relax, explore and live a little.

Your mobile home is welcome here. Used mobile homes must be inspected by the County first, but new or used are welcome here. Utilities will require a well and septic and electricity is available in the area. You can also enjoy up to 14 days of camping at a time on your property, so use the land recreationally before you build your home or bring in your mobile home. No HOAs and lots of peace and quiet here in this Florida hidden gem community.

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Property Details:

Property Address: NW 57th Pl, Chiefland, FL, 32626
Parcel ID: 0109721600
Size: 0.09 Acres
Terrain: Level
Access: Paved Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: Approximately $22.58 per year


Cash Price: $1,850.00 plus $249 document prep fee
Owner Financing: $100 down plus $249 document fee, then $81 per month for 24 months.

GPS Coordinates

NW Corner: 29.412762, -82.934528
NE Corner: 29.412762, -82.934404
SE Corner: 29.412490, -82.934401
SW Corner: 29.412489, -82.934525

NW 57th Pl

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