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Klamath, Oregon
$ 15,578.00

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Come and enjoy Oregon’s finest hidden treasure! This spacious property provides you with the best of all worlds for recreational fun and excitement.
Located less than an hour away from Crater Lake Trolley, enjoy an early morning swim or in the summer or experience the ultimate water thrill when you take the jet ski for a ride! This pristine property is absolutely perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors. Then when it’s finally cold outside watch the kids make snow angels and enjoy their new found white playground! Claim this deal now!

Power & Cell Service:
The property has close long term neighbors who maintain their property. Southern exposure to sun and power at the property line across the road. This area has great cell service.

Terrain is relatively flat from the road. Soil is mixed loam and volcanic rock. Vegetation is sparse sage brush and grass with healthy pine and juniper trees dotting the property.

Road Access:
There is dirt road access to the property. Sprague River Road and Sprague River drive are maintained and paved. Klamath Estate Drive and Pheasant Drive are an un-improved dirt roads.

We will finance this land for you. No banks or credit checks needed. Contact us today for details.


Property Details
County: Klamath
Physical Address: Teppee Ln, Chiloquin, OR 97624
Size: 2.4 acres
APN: R271128
Terrain: Flat w/trees
Taxes: $68.89 (annually)
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Road Access: Dirt Road Access
Power: Close by
Water: No (can be installed)
Septic: No (can be installed)
Zoned: Residential

GPS Coordinates: 42.503877, -121.509946

Gps Coordinates (4 corners):
42.504597, -121.510336 NW
42.504601, -121.509572 NE
42.503235, -121.509562 SE
42.503231, -121.510331 SW

– Guaranteed financing
– No Credit Check
– 60-day money back guarantee
– Warranty Deed
– Guaranteed free and clear title

Purchase Options
Owner Financing: $399 Down/$289 per month for 66 months
Cash Price: $15,578.00
Closing Cost: $250


Teppee Ln

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