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Culberson, Texas
$ 8,550.00

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10 Acres located South of Van Horn, Texas in Culberson County with great views just off of RR2017. Zero percent interest owner financing, no credit check, no restrictions, and no pre-payment penalties. Everyone qualifies.

Cash: $8,100
Owner Finance: $8,550 – $300 doc fee/$0 down & 57 payments of $158.99 ($150 Loan Payment, $7.00 Service Fee, $1.99 property tax)

Doc Fee Payment Link:

Note: Down Payment & Doc Fee can be paid using credit or debit card. Monthly payments must be paid using ACH – checking account/routing number.

Acres: 10
Property Id: 9307
Legal Description: Parcel 22, Unit 21, GREEN VALLEY ACRES SUBDIVISION, CULBERSON County, Texas as shown
by the Plat of record in the County Clerk’s office of said County, Texas, containing TEN (10) acres, more or less.

Elevation: 4,121 FT.
Topography: Flat
Roads: Dirt Road
HOA/POA: none
Utilities: none

This is off-grid land. There are no city utilities here. You can use batteries, a generator, solar panels, or windmills for electricity.

For water, you can bring it with you, drill a well, have water trucked in and delivered, set up a rain catchment system

State: Texas
County: Culberson
CAD Tax: $21.43
County Tax: $2.42

Nearest Town: Van Horn, TX

Google Map Link:

GPS Coordinates:

NorthWest Corner: 30.764325°-104.799630°
SouthWest Corner: 30.762505°-104.799626°
SouthEast Corner: 30.762514°-104.797528°
NorthEast Corner: 30.764335°-104.797529°


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