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Duchesne, Utah
$ 18,299.00

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This beautiful 11-acre property is located 20 minutes outside of Roosevelt, Utah. Roosevelt is nestled among the picturesque are of red rock Utah. The roads leading to this property are well-maintained which allows easy access to the area. The property is on a small bluff with good views of the surrounding area. To the south of the property, the land drops off into a small valley with red rock facing the South. Property vegetation includes prairie grass, juniper trees, sagebrush and cactus.

This would be a nice piece of land to develop a homestead as the ground would be easy to clear and electricity is close. Neighbors are not too close – the nearest houses to the property are about ¼ mile away to the South and West. Houses surrounding the property are a mixture of mobile or prefab homes and permanent stick-built structures. There are power lines fairly close to the property. Most structures around the property had above ground water storage, but there is irrigated farmland to the east and pressurized water pipes on the farmland. There is also a gas pipeline that runs East-West on the North side of the property.

If you’re in the mood for outdoor fun, you can visit & enjoy several reservoirs and lakes in the surrounding areas. Moon Lake – perfect for fishing — and multiple ski resorts are anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours away! The Uinta Mountains are a short drive and offer hiking, hunting, high country fishing, rafting, kayaking, camping, biking, horseback riding, skiing, and exploring and other outdoor adventures.


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