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Klamath, Oregon
$ 9,000.00

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Price: $9000
Was: $12150
Term Payments: $475 Down, plus $250 doc fee, $177.6 per month for 48 months with a $475 down payment
Ever wondered what it’s like to venture out and escape from the busy, everyday life? Relax and
be one with nature when you have your own private lot at Klamath, Oregon. The mountains,
forests, and wide ranges of land makes the place a beautiful scene for the adventurous few. You
can hike or bike to see the majestic mountains, golf at four established golf courses, fish in
freshwater, canoe, zipline, or even go bird watching, while having your own property to camp in
or to create your dream vacation adventure home! Bring your RV and set up a camp.
Rediscover and learn more about the culture and history of Klamath with the historic buildings
and quiet sights. The Klamath Basin became the settlement of indigenous tribes before the
Europeans in the Oregon Trail. It is on the southeast shore of Upper Klamath Lake and only
around 25 miles north of the border of California-Oregon. The city receives sunshine about 300
days of the year, which must explain its nickname as the City of Sunshine! This is the perfect
place to enjoy those outdoor activities you or your whole family have been meaning to try!
There is a mix of adventure and tranquility waiting for you at Klamath! You can have the
peaceful atmosphere of the forest, while listening to the chirping sounds of the birds. Did you
know that there are over 350 different species of birds there? It’s no surprise for residents in
Oregon to see the different types, especially going down Klamath Basin Birding Trail. For bird
watchers, you can enjoy your activities in beautiful Klamath, Oregon. The oldest national birding
festival is also held for everyone to spot them.
Imagine having 1.49 acres of haven for you and your family. There’s no better time to invest in
property in this area than now!
Klamath, Oregon brings more to the table than you think you know! You’ll just never run out of
things to do!
● Perfect for relaxation and adventure-seekers
● Quiet and private, close to local scenes and nature trails
● Go hiking and camping on the magnificent Fremont-Winema National Forest.
● Many places around for hiking, canoeing, and bird watching
● In the Klamath County School District

● 11 miles away from Fremont-Winema National Forest
● 13.4 miles from Sprague River
● 30 miles away from Swan Lake Point
● 52 miles from Klamath Falls
● 55 miles from Crater Lake National Park
Property Address: Unnamed Road, Klamath, Oregon
Parcel ID: R283990
Size: 1.49 Acres
Terrain: Plain
Access: Platted Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: $0
Yearly Taxes: 38.03
GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates): 42.538218, -121.390788
GPS Corners:
42.538661, -121.391013 NW
42.538613, -121.389873 NE
42.537663, -121.391099 SW
42.538256, -121.391169 W
There is pride in owning your own piece of land, and what more if this investment grows in price
in the years to come! Other than that, you can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with
buying it. The property has obviously a lot to offer for only $177.6/month, you can never go
wrong in acquiring this lot. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you have any questions. Hurry!
This lot won’t be available for long!!!

Charlbush Rd

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