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Costilla, Colorado
$ 3,999.00

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Imagine a place where the skies are always blue, the birds are always chirping their delight and each morning brings an opportunity for greatness! A place free of bottleneck traffic, high cost of living, and thick, stuffy air that makes it hard to breathe. Well, no more imagining, get this beautiful 5+acre lot today and be at peace. This parcel is surrounded by lush vegetation, clean, cool air, and wonderful trees all in one place. It is the perfect getaway from the world as it is remote and provides you with the peace of mind that you are looking for. If you crave adventure and want to rediscover the joy of living, then Colorado offers this along with so many attractions that will have you in awe!
There are many rich histories and cultures to enjoy in the relaxed county of Costilla. It draws thousands of visitors yearly to its primarily farming and agricultural community. Costilla offers fun for all ages with an abundance of historical and natural beauty.

Property Details
Parcel number: 71000017
Property Address: Sanford, CO 81151
Acreage: 5
Owner Financing: $216 month for 36 months.

Sanford, CO 81151

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