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Mohave, Arizona
$ 8,500.00

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Do you dream to live in a peaceful and heavenly environment in the heart of Arizona? Well, we’ve a perfect property for you! Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get a stunning 1.25-acre property located in the warm and awesome desert of Arizona! This week, you can purchase this land for $500 OFF the asking price! What an INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT, isn’t? So, what are you waiting for? Just a few clicks to be the owner of this property. It couldn’t be easier than this!

Have a look at the pictures of this land shown here for you and it’s sure you’ll already love it!

Another incredible thing is that you can reach within a few miles one of the most famous and historic routes of America, Route 66, so you have the chance to reach so many beautiful cities where you can enjoy, explore and do whatever you like! For example, in just under 2 hours, you can easily reach Las Vegas, Havasu and Lakes Mead. Moreover, this land is just 45 minutes away from the city of Kingman, so you can go there for any need!

However, do you prefer to just relax and immerse yourself in the scenery of nature? Don’t worry, this property is a remote paradise nestled between two gorgeous mountain ranges. What else?!

Do you like to explore nature? This property is close to the Hoover Dam, the Lake Mead and the unique Grand Canyon National Park where you can also do a lot of water recreations like swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing and river rafting. Just choose the one you like more and enjoy!

Furthermore, this property has agricultural and residential zoning! Just bring your lovely dogs, poultry, cows and horses and be satisfied in your beautiful land in the paradise of Arizona. Moreover, you’ll be able to have a riding stable and horse breeding farm where you can pursue your passion and love for this animal!

But that’s not all…You and your family will be free to choose and build your favorite type of home such as site-built homes, manufactured homes and factory-built buildings, and live your best life.
Don’t miss this incredible deal, it’s perfect for you!
This is a high-interest property so don’t waste any more time and make this property your dreamed place!
Here is some additional information on the property:

APN: 334-11-061A
Acres: 1.25 acres
GPS Coordinates:
Center 35.513749 N, 113.860948 W
NW corner 35.514225 N, 113.861232W
NE corner 35.514225N, 113.860669 W
SE corner 35.513321N, 113.860669W
SW corner 35.513321N, 113.861232W
Google Maps Link’51.2%22N+113%C2%B051’40.4%22W/@35.5142163,-113.8634097,720m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d35.514212!4d-113.861221?shorturl=1

Annual Property Taxes: $19.50
Dimensions of Property: The dimensions of the property are roughly 165 feet from east to west and 329.97 from north to south. The entire parcel is approximately 54,445 feet, which is 1.25 acres.

Location Information:
​Abutting Road/ Distance to closest road/highways: Public right of way on all the properties. 1 Mile off of the 149. Twelve minutes off of State Route 66 and a plethora of small towns to explore. Remote paradise. 45 minutes from Kingman, get any supplies you could need. About as remote as you can get with still being somewhat accessible to civilization. Nestled between two gorgeous mountain ranges. North Antares road is a 25-foot wide, dirt, nicely maintained road with few washboards. The road from North Antares road to the property has not yet been cleared. We can provide plat maps of the property and the public right of way over the properties.
Closest major cities: Just under 2 hours to Lakes Mead, Havasu and Las Vegas
Nearby attractions: Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon National Park. This area offers numerous water recreations including, boating, fishing, water skiing, river rafting, and swimming.
Closest city: 45 mins to Kingman, Arizona
Elevation: 2,947 feet

Zoning: A-R. Only one single-family dwelling shall be approved for any one lot or building site. Agricultural Residential Dogs, cows, poultry, and horses are permitted for personal use. Single family dwellings, including site-built homes, manufactured homes and factory-built buildings designed and used for single family occupancy are permitted. After acquiring a zoning use permit, you can have a riding stable and horse breeding farm. After acquiring a zoning use permit, you can have a stable and horse breeding farm. Horses allowed on property. Building homes is allowed on property.
RV: You can live in an RV on the property up to 30 days a year without a permit, but longer periods require a septic permit.
Minimum Square footage of homes: 120 square feet. 1 bed and 1 kitchen for a residence, with each non-kitchen room having a minimum of 70 square feet. There is a requirement for a septic tank if you decide to build a residence.
Types of homes: Single- family houses permitted. Mobile homes permitted. manufactured homes and factory-built buildings designed and used for single family occupancy permitted.

Water: Well, holding tank or other similar option
Septic: Need to install septic. Homes do need to have a water source. It can be a well, cistern, or you can even haul water. Need to install septic.
Electricity: Power by Solar or generator, Phone by cellular, Satellite TV/Internet/Phone

Purchase Price:
Cash Sale:

$175 doc fee + $8,500 = $8,675.
Terms Sale (assuming minimum monthly payment – there is no penalty for early payment):

$500 down payment

$175 doc fee

$130/month for 60 months (no penalty for early payment)

$10/month note maintenance fee for as long as the note is outstanding

Estimated property taxes will be divided by 12 months and added to the monthly payment. We will calculate the taxes and include the payment amount in the contract.

We will pay title transfer fee when the note is paid in full.

Payment and process information:

We accept payments through Venmo, Zelle, credit cards over the phone, or you can input your payment information through the link above. Once we have your down payment, we will create the documents pertinent to your property and sale.
If you are paying for the full amount in cash, after we receive your payment we will prepare the deed and record it with the County. If you are paying over time on terms, then once you make the initial payments and sign the documents, you can use the property.

We offer 30-day money-back guarantees on all of our properties. We have done our best to faithfully and accurately represent all property details. The buyer is responsible for conducting his or her own due diligence regarding a parcel’s characteristics and permitted uses. The buyer should verify the property information with requisite county offices referenced in the attachment.
Reach out via email Brittany at [email protected] with questions.
Pictures are of the actual property.

north of Kingman, Arizona

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