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Elko, Nevada
$ 5,000.00

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Elko, Nevada is famous for the rich, preserved history and Western culture and attractions.
From its different museums, historic sites, popular attractions, and beautiful sceneries, Elko will
be the perfect place for those who enjoy both tranquility and exploration. Step out and breathe
in the fresh air with the vast nature and greenery surrounding the county. Driving to the highway
from the property, you can see Elko mountain and the various mountains from afar, especially
the famous Ruby Dome. Elko, NV will be the best place for you to relax and recuperate from the
daily stressors from city life. The recreational activities here are endless, from outdoor hiking
and camping to enjoying the local scenery and the treasures it holds.
Be one with nature as you can explore the different mountains, starting with Lamoille Canyon
and the majestic Ruby Dome. During winter, you can ski, ride snowmobiles, or snowshoe on the
Rubies and the driest but fluffiest snow in the Usa. Some tourists or locals even take a
helicopter ride to look around the snowy area or see it from the Lamoille Recreation Area while
enjoying the park, camping with family, or having a picnic. During the sunny days, you can
venture out to the mountains, rivers, lakes, creeks, and go hiking, camping, fishing, and cycling
in the scenic locations. For hunters, you can even catch game in the lush wilderness around.
Visit or take a walk to the national parks are all over with vast forests and abundant flowers
decorating its area.
From the property, you’re only around 17 miles away from Downtown. There, you’ll find famous
restaurants, like the Ogi Deli Bar & Pintxos, and their renowned traditional Basque cuisine. Elko
has amazing things to offer for those who want to explore nature and the outdoors or relax and
experience the classical “West”.
You know that good things are about to come when 2.27 acres of sanctuary is just sitting there,
waiting for you. It’s about time you acquire your own property in this area while it’s still available.
Elko has so much to offer for you and your family.
? Mountains and nature all around
? Abundant recreational activities to do
? 17 miles to Western Folklife Center and Downtown Elko
? 27 miles to California Trail Interpretive Center
? 37 miles away from Lamoille Canyon
? 45 miles away from Lamoille Recreation Park
? Enjoy the refreshing view of the Lamoille Canyon which just 30-minutes away
? Go camping or fishing by the beautiful Humboldt River.

Property Address: Unnamed Rd., Elko, NV 89801
Parcel ID: 024-069-003
Size: 2.27 Acres
Terrain: Plain
Access: Platted Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: $0
Yearly Taxes: $16.82
Gps Coordinates (approximate coordinates): 40.9727, -115.5424
Gps Corners:
40.9731, -115.5429 Nw
40.9731, -115.5419 Ne
40.9722, -115.5419 Se
40.9722, -115.5429 Sw

Was: $6750
Discounted Cash Price: $5000
Payment Plan: $98.95 per month for 48 months with a $250 equity down payment and a $250
Documentation setup fee.

Having a property in Elko for yourself or your family opens a wide range of options and activities
you can do. Imagine having this property all for you for only $98.95 per month. Acquiring this lot
is a win-win for sure. Call us now.

Unnamed Rd

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