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Elko, Nevada
$ 5,000.00

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Are you looking for a vibrant landscape riddled with mountains as far as the eyes can see? Fear not as this parcel
offers just that and so much more! The property is located in the region of Deeth, where a wide plethora of wildlife is
just waiting to be discovered! You can explore the largest national park in the United States, the Death Valley.
Contrary to how this national park is named, this valley blushes with life every spring, changing the once arid
landscape to vibrant rolling hills and plains, covered in flowers with a wide range of colors.
If you have a mean and beefy vehicle, you can become one heck of a daredevil and explore the sand dunes just a
few klicks away from the property, where you and your friends can go for memorable joyrides! Although the sand
dunes aren’t abundant around the property, one can hear the beautiful voice of nature as the shifting sands sing and
call to you! As one treks the land by day, Death Valley doesn’t sleep when the night comes as you can gaze upon the
bright stars above you and enjoy the view of the Milky Way! The property is also conveniently located right near the
Lamoille Recreation Area, known for hunters to go on a wild hunt and enjoy camping around the place in sites where
the camp masters there offer a diverse range of activities from hiking, fishing, and cycling!
Craving to cook your favorite dish in your property on a cozy Sunday? Look no further because you can go to the
Lamoille Farmers Market, where you can stock up on some fresh produce right in the heart of the county! Don’t forget
to pass by Lamoille Canyon in Ruby Dome, also known as America’s Swiss Alps, during the winter months and
eagerly plan your next jet ski with the family! If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife party scene in Deeth, you can
swing by Elko’s downtown and enjoy a couple of cold bottles of beer while listening to some good ol’ live Western
music performed by various singers the county has to offer! You can also find some renowned restaurants such as
The Pintxos and their famous Basque cuisine! It is definitely a hard one to miss!
Not kidding when we say that you’ll never run out of things to do in Deeth!
● The North Folk Humboldt River is one of the best spots to go fishing and camping, and this property is just
an hour away from it!
● Get into your golfing shoes and hit the holes at the Spring Creek Golf Course.
● Ideal for nature-lovers
● Breath-taking mountains and diverse wildlife
● Property is host to ton of recreational activities
● Numerous attractions and sceneries
● 414 miles to The Death Valley
● 18.7 miles to Elko Downtown
● 37.3 miles to Lamoille Farmers Market
● 39.0 miles to Lamoille Canyon
● 46.7 miles to Lamoille Recreation Area
Property Address: Owyhee River Blvd, Deeth, NV 89823
Parcel ID: 024-055-002
Size: 2.273 Acres
Terrain: Plain/Slope
Access: Dirt Road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: $0
Yearly Taxes: $16.82
GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates): 40.9806, -115.5286

GPS Corners:
40.9808, -115.5297 NW
40.9808, -115.5275 NE
40.9803, -115.5275 SE
40.9803, -115.5297 SW

Was: $6750
Discounted Cash Price: $5000
Payment Plan: $95.83 per month for 48 months with a $400 down payment plus a $250 documentation setup fee
Many buyers are rushing to buy more land in the area. Get it while it’s still available. It’s all yours at only $95.83 per
month. See the possibilities this place has in store for you! You surely won’t regret it!

Owyhee River Blvd

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